My Tribute Song To Johnny Hurley - The Hero of Olde Town Arvada

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Johnnyhurley Fzinke.png

Soundcloud link:

Vocals by BURNTmd @burntmd
Guitar by Mike Mike
Artwork by Franki Zinke @ArtoftheAnimal
Engineered by Chris Wright
Recorded at Violet Recording Studios Boulder, Colorado

This song is dedicated to our good friend, brother, and son Johnny Hurley. May this serve as a xmas present for Johnny's dear mother, father, and sister who are very loved. To The Hero of Arvada, Colorado - Johnny Hurley The Good Samaritan who saved the town, saved the police, saved his community from an active shooter who had just murdered a police officer in cold blood. The shooter was prepared to have a shootout with incoming police. Johnny was the brave soul who courageously stepped up and used his concealed carry handgun to take out the murderer and save the town. Tragically, police officer Brownlow took Johnny for a threat and shot Johnny in the back, killing him. Johnny's life and death will forever be a lesson of humanity, humility, courage, bravery, respect, honesty, and truth. Johnny was the wisest bravest man on the scene that day, and we Salute Johnny Hurley for showing us what love is. Support the Friends of Johnny Hurley Foundation website build in progress - You can watch Johnny's documentary by Ford Fischer


Johnny was a great man!

So much love for you brother, love the track, and love that art from @artoftheanimal!

Re-blogged & up-voted.

Thank you fam infinite apprecialove!

Powerful words and powerful picture.

Water is life and a hero will never die. His example to live on. History will know him by his actions and bravery.

That police officer is probably reliving this for the rest of their life knowing that they shot a hero. Instead of being hero they are now a villain in history and have to work so much harder for redemption.

May we all be blessed to know someone like this. Someone who put their life on the line to save others and even though it cost them everything. They will always be remembered for their actions.

Much respect.

Thank you for your prayers. Amen.

You're very welcome and happy New Year.

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