Hedgies determined to get even more REKT on APE shares opening day

So it turns out that Kenny and his bunch of selfish cunty friends, including the lamestream media are currently engaged in an all out assault over Ape shares... on the opening day of trading.

From an opening of $6.95 on the NYSE, with an initial run up to over $10, the hedgies are doing what hedgies do best.... Selling stocks to try to drive AMC into the ground.

Because you can absolutely bet your crayon stuffed ass that apes aren't selling. Not one. Nope.

Now, obviously, some of the hedgies have got APE shares too. Interestingly, they seem to have had their Ape shares delivered already, which is a bit of a change from the rest of us who are still waiting. And it seems they're determined to push down both the price of Ape along with the price of AMC, with a little help from their corporate shill friends over at Benzinga and Motley and the rest.

Here's the thing though.

Apes are STILL not leaving. We've been here before. We know your game.

Kenny is fukd. We all know it.

Remember Apes no sell Ape shares.

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