The ghosts of the Castle

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Ireland is a land famous for its medieval buildings, especially castles that, beyond their fascinating architecture, have attracted the attention of the rest of the world for the macabre stories that occurred within their walls. One of the most infamous is Leap Castle, located in County Offaly. With more than 400 years behind it, there are several legends that affirm that it is inhabited by ghosts.
It is said that several centuries ago, Leap was under the rule of a very powerful man of great lineage. This character had a beautiful daughter, whom he had promised in marriage to a very rich man. However, the young woman was in love with a county farmer, with whom she was secretly coming.

Unfortunately the lovers were discovered by the father, who was enraged when he realized his daughter's deception. So he instantly killed the boy.

His poor daughter went mad with pain.

One night, while the Lord of Leap was sleeping, she entered his bedroom and murdered him to avenge her lover. They were all deeply shocked to learn of his passing. Although the most macabre was about to begin.

Nights later, the young heiress was in one of the highest rooms of the castle, staring out the window. In that instant, an invisible hand pushed her, making her fall into the void.

It is said that his murderer was nothing less than the wandering spirit of his father, who could never forgive him such a betrayal. Their tortured souls are just two of the many that continue to haunt Leap and its surroundings.
One afternoon, he was giving the sermon to his parishioners when one of his brothers entered the chapel, overcome by ambition. The cleric was killed before the eyes of the devout people who were gathered there and his blood flooded the tiles of the room.

From then on, that place would be known as the Bloody Chapel.

It is said that from time to time, you can still hear the chants of the priest inside and even see his silhouette, moving through the room in a gloomy way. The lights go on and off in a mysterious way, while wailing and groans from beyond give goose bumps to visitors.

If you ever travel to Ireland, you may want to go inside and take a look inside the castle and find out if you can run into a ghost.