Hive Keychain DHF 3 - Weeks 13 - 16

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Authored by @stoodkev


As promised in our proposal, here's a summary of our latest developments.

Keychain extension

We've been working on several features this past month, and some of them will be released very soon:

  • Transak integration for quickly buying HIVE.
  • Hive accounts creation (paid for by account creation ticket or 3.000 HIVE)
  • Reminder for governance votes expiration
  • Showing pending conversions
  • Multiple bug fixes and minor improvements

On top of that, we are happy to announce that @theghost1980 just finished writing unit and end-to-end tests for the whole extension.


@cedricguillas entirely refactored our backend, using Typescript. The repository has been reorganized and requests can be tested directly using Thunder Client (a REST API Client extension for VSCode).

Mobile App

Not much to report on this side other than a few bug fixes.
As mentioned above, @theghost1980 has now finished writing tests on the extension and started working on test for the mobile Apps.

Download the Apps

All download links are available on our landing page. For mobile, you can use the links below:

To import accounts quickly from your Hive Keychain extension to your mobile App, use the QR Code scanner by pressing the QR code logo:

On your extension, navigate to the menu (top right button), then to Manage Accounts and finally click on Show QR Code.


To communicate with us or become a Beta tester, join our Discord by following this link :

Or scanning this QR Code :



@stoodkev : CEO - Witness
@cedricguillas : Full-stack Developer
@theghost1980 : Front-end Developer
@nateaguila : UI/UX
@yabapmatt : Advisor - Witness
@aggroed : Advisor - Witness

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