Hive Keychain v3.2 - Portfolio and account value

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Authored by @stoodkev


v3.2 is now live on Chromium and Firefox, coming with some new features we hope you will enjoy!

Portfolio Mode

Screenshot 2024-04-02 at 2.21.59 PM.png

With this new version, we introduce the Portfolio mode, in which you can see a summary of all your tokens and account value for multiple accounts, all at once.
Just click on the icon next to your account value:
Screenshot 2024-04-02 at 2.29.36 PM.png
It will open the portfolio, which you can then filter per account if needed.

Account value

Since we're talking about the account value, based on popular demand, we've added the possibility to switch the displayed value between dollar value, HIVE value, and hidden, with a simple click:

Screenshot 2024-04-02 at 2.32.04 PM.png

Screenshot 2024-04-02 at 2.32.16 PM.png

Download the Apps / Extensions

The download links for our mobile Apps and extensions are available on our landing page


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@stoodkev : CEO - Witness
@cedricguillas : CTO - Witness
@theghost1980 : Front-end Developer
@manuphotos : Community Manager - Witness
@yabapmatt : Advisor - Witness

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Awesome stuff as usual team!

My feedback:

  • There should be a way within the extension itself to configure which accounts contribute to the estimated account value. I hold posting keys for several accounts that aren't "mine" to assist with content and marketing (a core feature of having a separate posting key)—I don't want those accounts' balances conflating with my personal accounts. (edit: see reply to this comment)
  • It is not obvious that clicking on the balance itself switches its display. A button/icon similar to the portfolio link out would be better UX/UI in my opinion. That or a little tooltip or text prompt that can be hidden after a user learns about click-to-change.

I think you can ignore my first point: just realizing the balance changed not because it was including multiple accounts, but because it now includes HE holdings.

Switching the account in the extension indeed displays only that account's estimated balance.

Hi, we could improve the tooltip text indeed, thanks for your feedback!

My extensions haven't updated on either Brave or Firefox, but looking forward to the new additions! I find them really useful for people who have multiple accounts.

You can force the update from the Extensions page if it takes too long =)

They updated automatically shortly after. I hoped it was a separate "portfolio" page, where aggregate info on all your added accounts could be seen. Maybe for the future. 😉

I'm amazed by all the improvements you are pushing out! Keychain is getting better and better... and it was already incredibly good :)

@keychain @stoodkev One question, although as far as the tax return is concerned I only submit what I have of #Hive tokens, and next year also of Token #Leo. Why are tokens also counted in the total we can call them scams that I receive without consent LOL , Pizza, List ,etc? In fact when I was looking at the dollar value, I could not find . To be improved.

How do you propose we improve this?
After all, your definition of "scam tokens" might differ from another user. For now the only tokens we ignore value-wise are those with no 24 hours volume.
Maybe one solution could be to add a second filter for blacklisting some tokens, or better yet, follow which ones you've decided to show or hide in your wallet.
What do you think?

Add a second filter to blacklist some tokens, also be able to decide whether to accept tokens or not.

That's great as I have a few accounts and now I can see how much they are all worth.

Yeah it's handy for those of us with many accounts. Between my test accounts and projects, I'm over 30 accounts now ^^

This is very good. Thank you

Super fan of Keychain in Opera browser and the app. I would like to see how much interest in HBD I am accumulating and be able to claim it through Keychain. Good job!

Hi, yeah we should find some time to add this as well!

Thanks so much! Looking forward for this! Awesome job you guys!

It's such a fantastic feature and with this addition the keychain has become even smarter. I always say that a keychain is must have for all hivers. If you're not using a keychain then you're missing the fun.

Yeah, don't miss on the fun Hivers!

The portfolio mode is kind of cool.
I like the beta (tester) version so far :)

Great tool! I use it constantly
just a couple of points

Open orders in internal Hive Market does not look to be added to the account total value
Dont know how to get to the portfolio , clicking next to the account value does not look to work for my Keychain , I have not restarted the browser after updating to 5.2.0 , so maybe restarting browser is needed (Ubuntu, Firefox)

Thanks for your great work anyway

Hi, you need to make sure that you have the version 3.2!
Good point about the open orders, thanks

I find the phone application very useful

2.0 is coming today =)

Optimal! I just tried Splintelands with the Hive Keychain mobile app. Everything works great. Well done!

thank you stoodkev and keychain team for bringing these amazing updates back to back! 😍

Very cool update I love it😁

for some reason clicking the icon next to the value doesn't seem to open
the portfolio mode, firefox 124.0.1 (64-bit) using keychain 3.2