Thanks for answering our survey! 1,198 responses!

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Big thank you to everyone who answered our survey! You were 1,198 to take a few minutes of your time to help us make Keychain better!

If you gave us your username at the end, you should have received this cool HiveBuzz badge by now :


Thanks to @arcange and HiveBuzz's team for organizing this with us!

Some key takeaways from the survey :

1) You guys love Keychain <3

You gave us average scores of 4.4/5 on the overall experience and 4.26/5 on the ease of use. That's really heartwarming for our team and we will work extra hard to make these scores go even higher!
Here's a word cloud made of your answers to this question :

What is the main benefit you receive from Keychain?


2) Token swaps, GameFi tools and Automation tools are highly anticipated features

Besides Hive Keychain core features, would you be interested in accessing the following features within Keychain?

Screen Shot 2022-11-06 at 12.13.05 PM.png
Token Swap / DeFi tools / GameFi tools / Hive dApps suggestions / Hive tutorials for newcomers / More automated tools

3) High support in favor of Keychain going multichain to try and bring more users

During the bear market, attracting new users from outside the blockchain ecosystem is hard. Why not try to attract people already using dApps instead?
Consider the following scenario:

  • Integrating Keychain on another blockchain that you're already using, so that you won't need to use multiple wallets
  • Gain users on this other chain
  • Promote Hive dApps
  • Repeat
    We strongly believe that by reaching out to a broader ecosystem, we can grow together to new all-time highs! 🚀🚀🚀

Note that we are just exploring the option at the moment and that this work would not be funded using the current DHF proposal.

I must say we were far from expecting such an overwhelming clear answer :

Screen Shot 2022-11-06 at 12.19.37 PM.png

Among users in agreement, over 75% were interested in accessing EVM-compatible chains (ETH, BSC, etc.) from Keychain, while around half were interested in Wax and Solana.

While this is not something that we can work on right now with the resources we have, it is a big step for us to see where the community stands on this matter!

4) You rock!

Thanks again <3, we didn't dream to have so much participation!
It is truly a pleasure for us to be working alongside such an amazing community!
That's a nice extra boost for us to keep BUIDL!

Hive on!


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Time to rebrand Hive Keychain to Keychain and go multi chain. It makes sense :')

I’d really love to see wax on hive keychain. I feel like we have a good amount of users with wax wallets as well who’d love that feature.

Me encanta Hive Keychain pero al instalar en mi teléfono tengo problemas después que abro con la contraseña.

Great summary!

We'd love to see the implementation of these great ideas and the revamp of Keychain 👌 all for the progress and growth of Hive.

Hi @keychain & @stoodkev & @arcange ,

WHY survey on GOOGLE???? Do we not have the Hive, to go AWAY from google, microsoft, facebook, apple, ads, spying, censoring, data harvesting...

WHY on google, again??? It has so many other sites and systems to take surveys, open source, like:

If you keep putting things on big tech company's, many people, like myself, won't participate in such actions.

So, please, don't use tools from the platforms that Hive is trying to help us to avoid. Hope you understand me. We don't need anymore G. M. F. A.

Next time, remember: just use OPEN SOURCE tools!

I truly appreciate Keychain. Without it i would not be using hive very much at all.