Our First Steemian Wheelchair Has Been Donated! Thanks To Steemit!

I am very pleased to share this 1st video illustrating exactly where your Steemian donations are going and the lives you are impacting when you donate to the Khygarha Welfare Trust (KWT).

Chair #1, paid for exclusively by Steemian donations, reached the tiny village of Dargai on Friday, February 22, 2019. "Adnan" was the grateful recipient of our Whale's and Minnow's dollars. He and his family will be eternally grateful to the faceless heroes who made this miracle possible.

Video Of Donation With Steemian Support:

My goal during this process is to be totally transparent. Each time a donation is made it will be carefully logged, and a full accounting will be made available to you with a corresponding video illustrating the life you just changed right here on Steemit.

Please know I am not a professional and my awareness is limited to the specific needs of financially disadvantaged and disabled people within the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KPK) region of Pakistan at this time. However, it is my hope to expand my efforts and the reach of your dollars to include the entire country of Pakistan. And should any of you be aware of an individual that would benefit from the purchase of a wheelchair on their behalf within Pakistan, please contact me directly.

At this juncture "KWT" and I are matching wheelchairs to families through word of mouth. But it is my sincere desire to combat the disadvantages poor and disabled persons encounter across my society. My efforts are for humankind and are therefore not limited to a particular region, color, gender, ethnicity or religion.

Know my work and efforts are on a completely volunteer basis, but I am lucky to be healthy and able. And with your financial assistance I will be able to match your kind hearts and donations with other needy individuals in my small corner of the world. So today I am again appealing to your better angels and requesting you to do even more! Know with confidence that each penny raised will go towards making someone's tomorrows a bit brighter than their yesterdays.

Donation Details So Far:

Wheelchair #1 cost, 51.56 USD. All remaining funds will be applied to the purchase of a 2nd Steemian funded wheelchair.

Some Clicks:

Store We bought WheelChair With Receipt:

WhatsApp Image 2019-02-24 at 6.40.03 PM.jpeg
WhatsApp Image 2019-02-24 at 6.41.55 PM.jpeg

Request to Witness And Whales & Bot Owners:

We offers more than a wheelchair if we have something in funds i my self sharing 2.5% of my earning to my charity i am expecting almost 0.1% or 0.01% of earning shared by whales and witnesses to @angelsofsteem for helping humanity.

Our Next Target Is An Old Person Who Is Alone And Some People Just Take Care of his living And his Wheel Chair is Not Workable And we got Request From People Living Around Him:

WhatsApp Image 2019-02-24 at 4.06.13 PM.jpeg

Special Thanks to @TheJohalFiles,@yabapmatt,@Theycallmedan,@Crowdmind,@blessed-girl,@crypto.piotr,@moghul,@certain,@meno,@kcherukuri,#unknownperson
@edgarare1,@redouanemez For Helping us with there Donation either By upvotes or sending direct to wallet!


This is a really good work as serving humanity is a highly praiseworthy.

Holy self vote Batman.

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yeah I still love the wheelchair post, and hope someone grabs a list of ALL the donations and charity works done by steem, and show show much more charity steem has done per capita compared to any other crypto currency., We should show how other chains like TRON have given almost NOTHING to anyone, are full of scams liek etheruem and that steem with our most limited resources still do more than even Bitcoin to help people around the world!

ONE video showing off ALL the good steem has done is a big project but something Steem NEEDS or else NO ONE will ever find out how important steem is for helping people!

You're on a very good mission...

crealo que si va por donde es

Great initiative! It’s fantastic to see Steem being leveraged for good.

I just hope you’re not using any donations to pay for the bid bot promo ;)

I am using my own account Steem to promote the post Hope you can check all the detail in blockchain nothing is hidden. and if i promote the post i buy wheelchair from my pocket as well so far i have donated more than 23 Wheel chairs All details will be on our upcoming website ! I am about to help others Specially when it come to disable people help i am very serious and if some one had any suggestion for me i will follow them , i will not mind anything!

That’s good work. You’re helping both the young and elderly, Two groups that are overlooked. It’s nice to see posts like this.

People take mobility for granted.

Great bro.
Zama taraf na ka sa manda tarra v nu kha makha owaye ao khpl contact number hum bya rakay che zm drsra sa help koly shama che contact koly shu.

InshaAlla wale na rora 03317417460 taso hpal friend a contribution kole shai mung ta serf owayai mung ba dartha person ohayo mung chana paise demand nakao serf help mu mathlab de thanks

I know.
Zma yo friend hum der involve de charity sezono k nu insha Allah I will try to talk to him :)

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jazalaAllah Brother Try to talk in english so that all our friend can understand i appreciate your interest !By the way where are you from ?

Thanks :)
CHD but living in PSH.

Great to see some charity going on here on STEEM IT!

That's very great work you guys are doing. I'm also from Pakistan and Its great to see you guys helping humanity.
Dayyan Khan

This is really a good work. Keep it up

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awesome and mind blowing work and i am very interested to same work as my country ...Brother @anglesofsteem ..wish your success ..

Thank you so much for the mention @angelsofsteem ...

Just I want to say thank you for helping others, we need more people like you in this world..

Tomorrow I will send you my small support to your wallet and help again with your mission..!!!

Have a great day..!!

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Nothing is small dear it maybe look small to us but it help some one for those people its more than any thing in the world :)

Thank you so much for your amazing comment my dear friend @alishannoor

Yeah, you right ... Help means everything ...!!!

Feels very good to see that steemitians are doing a great job by helping others😎😇✌️✌️🤘. As it gives no. Of wishes to the donators. I wish that this community should become a big community, soon i will also join this after my account of steemit grows. 👍👍

No matter what you give to us a single comment is appreciable for us! we are happy to see you guys are coming and leave your thoughts on our work it motivate us in many way we are serious in our work and we will get to the success thank you!

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You are great Bro keep it up!

thanks dear

Melts my heart. Way to go! Keep it up buddy!

Thanks for the support and trust brother

Te felicito es muy bueno lo que haces.

Good news. May Allah bless you.

Thanks for giving time to read and watch our mission success, really appreciated Brother.

Good article sir, I have upvoted you and following you, please follow me back

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que bueno me alegra, es muy bueno el aporte que estan haciendo dia a dia sigan asi, que juntos somos mas

así debería de ser siempre gracias a dios que existe gente de buen corazón
y buena mentalidad

Wow, i love it. Me too help this people @angelsofsteem

Nice work

hope you can continue doing this mission for many years to come, keep it up!

excelente trabajo vas a tener abierto el reino de los cielos

You’re doing excellent work mate. I’ll send some Steem in your direction after your next fundraising post.

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we are thankfull for your trust and helping in our mission to help needy person!

I am happy that I (we) had helped those you are in need.

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thanks for the trust on us i am very thanksfull to all who helped us.

Thank you for visiting this blog.

muy bueno, espero y sigan apoyando a la persona que necesitan ayuda de demás, quiero agradecer a Dios que nunca se desampara de sus hijos.

To @alishannoor and all other Steemians(who donated for this noble cause),

You all became ANGELS of STEEM by giving a lending hand to those in need!

Hats off to you all!

Dear @angelsofsteem,

I would like to donate 10 STEEM to Khygarha Welfare Trust (KWT) for your next donation project.

Can you please tell me the procedure involved in the donation process for the transfer from marvyinnnovations to angelsofsteem account?

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Simple transfer to @angelsofsteem account with any memo you like ,and we will provide all donation proof in our next wheelchair donation though steemit donation :)

Your so awesome you are the road to help more disabled person in your country

My goal is to reach all over the world specially to help in each country where people need us but this si just the start we will get success i believe in it !steem on thanks

This should be the way people use their money. To help each other and build one another. Stop the hate spread the love.

I am appreciated with the love and care i am getting from the community we are dong our best to serve more to the people of the world i believe one day we will be able to bring change to the world with our mission :)

@alishannoor @angelsofsteem great work. I have also started Steem for same purpose. Please follow me, upvote me resteem my upcoming posts. Also help me how to grow my network and earn more. I am donating 40% of my steem earnings to poor kids for education.

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Donation makes people great and gets mental peace, those who have donated thanks to them.

thank you for doing this

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Congratulations @angelsofsteem!
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That's great news. Hope every steemit members participate this great job.

I'm new here and love that someone is using this platform for such a good cause! would love to donate once I have some steem. after all I plan on being a #steemengine :)


You are doing the best work in the world touching and adding value on peoples lives

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