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RE: kr ko 가 다운 보팅 당하는 이유를 찾았써요

in #ko3 months ago

I replied elsewhere, but I saw your post here just now, so let me repeat the information:

The downvote wasn't personal, and I'm happy to have you here.

The downvoting is done automatically by a voting bot that I was asked to setup to counter the huge random votes from an account called ranchorelaxo (and another associated account called haejin). These accounts were previously abusively voting on Steem and now he's trying the same tricks on Hive.


The other downvoters are doing the same thing I think: countering the votes of ranchorelaxo and haejin.

Thanks for the reply. Now I see what's going on. I will explain to Korean community that they have some misunderstanding. Blocktrades always helped greatly, and I really appreciated..