My Adventures with KOGs... and They're Just Beginning

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For these last few days, KOGs have been the talk of the WAX communities.

I have been loving every minute of KOGs. The weeks and days leading up to the release were suspenseful and exciting, and even though the sale was not without its glitches, the entire experience was thrilling. I can't wait to do it again. Can we do it again yet?

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Following the three-hour sale, exactly 6622 Starter Packs had been sold for about $22 each and exactly 6183 Booster Packs had been sold for $5 each. Let's break that down a bit, shall we?

-Starter Packs each contain 25 KOGs/Slammers
-Booster Packs each contain 6 KOGs/Slammers

That means that exactly 202,648 total Series I KOGs and Slammers will exist once 100% of the packs are opened. As of writing this, only about half of the packs have been opened. Remember: The NFTs from these packs are the only Series I KOGs that will ever exist.

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Game(s) Incoming

A very important thing to remember with KOGs is that they will have untold layers of utility. This Series I AtomicHub release introduced the KOGs as tradable and collectible tokens. Those of us who have closely followed the progress of KOGs know that this is only the beginning of a plan that is already quite solid.


Uncommon 8-Bit "Gamepad"

KOGs will be required to play the initial game. I'm not entirely sure about how the first version of the KOGs game will look, but it will require double-digit KOGs to play. The smallest amount of KOGs a player will be able to have in their collection is 20. On top of that, slammers (like Splinterlands Summoners) are an absolute necessity. No one will be able to play the game without them.

Ultra Rare 90s "KOG Collection"

Some simple head math from the numbers I have given above should give you a decent idea of where these Series I KOGs will be valued in the not-so-distant future. Another thing to keep in mind is that there will be a game before there is a second set. That means that whoever wants to play this game will simply need to acquire Series I KOGs, whatever it takes. Those not willing to fork over the WAX will not get to play in the game's first version. Talk about a great way to ensure utility-based value going forward.

Uncommon Foil "Moon"

I can say for sure that when people are clamoring to get the KOGs when its finally time to play the game, I'll be there to happily sell them the KOGs they need (from the extras in my collection of course).

Where Do I Stand?

After having incredibly good fortune (and hopefully making some good trade decisions) with previous WAX NFT sales, I finally had a good chunk of change to put into KOGs. I won't tell you exactly how much I have spent on the project in terms of USD, but I will tell you that I am personally holding almost 1000 KOGs.


-Benny - RedFox Labs CEO

I'm not looking to flip these KOGs for huge and quick gains that I will take out of the blockchain and use to pay the bills. I'm a passionate believer in this project (and others), and while I intend to sometimes take profits in order to increase the overall size of my NFT collections, every move I make is always to support this brilliant and beautiful tech that we all love.

I feel incredibly fortunate and grateful to have been able to watch the inception of KOGs. I was even able to be in on the daily Discord calls, which made me feel like I was a special part of the team. If I were a richer man, I would have happily supported the sale with even more money. Now that my packs are opened and the money is spent, it's simply a matter of waiting, and watching the KOGs team continue to blow us all away.


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As soon as I got my packs I was trying to open them as fast as possible so I could get them number 1's. I'm sitting on 12 # 1 mints. 😁

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Pog's ripoff?

First I've heard of it. I don't have a presence on WAX at all. Let us know what gameplay's like.