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RE: Introducing wKOIN - KOIN ERC-20 on Hive-Engine

in #koinos6 months ago

Though am not sure if I will trade KOIN at HIVE, but this is a SUPER addition to the KOIN ecosystem. It increases the reach and accessibility tremendously. I suspect, many HIVE users are not familar with Ethereum and Uniswap, and all the complexity around it to set it up.

I do hope, the KOINOS team will start their marketing as well; Something what is need to get the newly minted KOIN distributed to a wider audience and through that align better with the initial aims of the KOINOS team: the be as decentralised as possible.

Thanks for this addition!


Hive whales want moar tokens. No promotion and decentralization.

You may be right; Sadly so.