Kondor - Release of version 0.3

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I'm glad to announce the new version of Kondor Wallet for Koinos Blockchain (Testnet).

Kondor is an extension for google chrome that allow users to interact with the blockchain. This new version is the result of careful and hard work on this extension. Here is a summary of the principal updates:

  • Using Koilib 3.1: It is using the latest version of koilib which is compatible with the current Testnet V3.
  • Vue Framework: The code was rewritten completely using the Vue. This change facilitates the development of new pages and new features to the extension.
  • Popup to get accounts: Popup triggered by a web page in order to request the address of the user.
  • Popup to sign and send a transaction: Popup triggered by a web page in order to request a signature and at the same time broadcast it to the network.
  • Messenger class: This is a new class that simplifies the interaction between the service worker, the popup and webpages.

One of the most relevant features in this version is the popup to sign and send transactions.

Thanks to this now developers can start the integration of their dapps with the kondor wallet 🎉🚀, and users will be able to not only transfer koins but also interact with other contracts using the browser.

In https://github.com/joticajulian/kondor you will find an example on how to create web pages to interact with Kondor.

You can also test the example page here https://joticajulian.github.io/kondor/ and take a look to the source code so you can see how easy it is to use kondor 😃

Follow this link to install the extension

Now is the time for developers to come in and make great things 🚀


kondo wallet seems good for use. Kudos to the team

just added the extension