Kondor - Release of version 0.4

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I'm glad to announce that the version 0.4 of Kondor Wallet is ready and published. This new version is an extensive work to manage multiple addresses derived from a single seed phrase.

You can install the new version here: Kondor extension - Google Chrome

For new readers, Kondor is a browser extension to interact with Koinos blockchain, like metamask in ethereum, or keychain in hive.

Seed phrase

The seed is a phrase of 12 words (secret) that can be used to generate multiple addresses. Kondor introduces this seed by following the BIP32, BIP39, and BIP44 standards.

Since the standard BIP44 support multiple blockchains from a single seed, it requires a unique identifier for the blockchain. Kondor uses the number 659 for koinos. This value was selected by taking the word "koinos", converting it
to ascii [107 111 105 110 111 115], and adding their values.

Koilib 4

This version is also compatible with Koilib 4, which introduces changes in the ABI in order to get a little closer to the goal of using a single ABI for both web and koinos CLI.

The previous version Koilib 3 is also supported. This help apps, like koindx.com, to have a smooth transition while they update their webpages.

Accounts and Signers

Kondor differentiate 2 types of addresses derived from a seed phrase: Accounts and Signers.
The Accounts are addresses derived with the objective of storing assets, like koins, tokens or NFTs. So, a typical address.
The Signers are addresses linked to a single account. The idea behind this new concept is to prepare the path for the smart contract wallets.

(for more details check HDKoinos)

As you probably saw in my previous post, I already finished the first version of a smart contract wallet for koinos. Kondor doesn't have smart contract wallets. However, it introduces the different parts required to create webapps dedicated to smart contract wallets. My next objective is to create this webapp in order to show the different features that the whole community would gain by adopting this type of wallets 🚀

Kondor is open source, you can check the code here: https://github.com/joticajulian/kondor/tree/v0.4.0


Many thanks to Ron for his valuable contributions to the user interface, and thanks to Yonatan for his contribution as well.

Thanks to the sponsors in Github: levineam, Amikob, motoeng, isaacdozier, imjwalker, and the private sponsors.

If you like to contribute to Kondor, please consider your support on github sponsors https://github.com/sponsors/joticajulian.


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Excellent work! Keep it up :)

Nice to see new updates 😃
KOIN is 1 of most powerful crypto that's under the radar. I'm seeing incredible potential that's not seen by anyone. Hope to see this in Top 10 crypto eventually. There's so much innovation happening here. Can't wait to see some real killer Dapps working 👍


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Thanks for sharing your development progress on this blog. I've followed your blog to keep myself informed about the Kondor project.

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