Koinos Polls

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I'm excited to announce Koinos Polls. A new dApp created on Koinos Blockchain to create polls in order to coordinate governance decisions.

The dApp is free, there is no cost to create new polls or vote on them.

The votes are counted in the same way as the governance system:
1 VHP = 1 vote 🗳️ using the signature of the node operator (on behalf of the block producer). That is, the more VHP you have the more votes you have in the poll.

You may be wondering what is the reason of creating a poll contract if Koinos already has a contract for governance decisions? The reason is simple: The governance contract can only be used when the code changes are ready to be submitted. The poll contract helps to get consensus around specific proposals without starting the development of the code, and it can give you an idea if the proposal will pass the final decision in the governance contract.

The code is open source and can be consulted at https://github.com/joticajulian/gov-poll. The contract was also deployed as immutable, so I have no control on it. This is to increase confidence with the block producers who are the ones who can vote on the proposals.

To see the current proposals and votes check https://koinosbox.com/polls