Kombucha - Learning to Make Your Own Brew


Is #Kombucha just a phase? Or is there something about it that we all should look into? What are the #health #benefits? Are we better off purchasing it or making it ourselves?

You see many buying it at the local health store or grocery store. It can be pricey but it is so good. And it is #healthy beyond belief. If you are health conscious, this is probably the drink to get, hands down.

But making this concoction at home takes a little knowledge and a little preparation. And I hope to share what I know about #brewing this great drink.

Kombucha is full of #probiotics. It promotes good #guthealth and good health. A healthy #microbiome is key to much of our total body health and it is key to helping us fight invading infections. Kombucha helps to maintain and sometime even restore the healthy bacteria in our gut and microbiome.

Kombucha also helps with #alkalizing our system. An acidic system promotes #inflammation, #infection and sometimes even #cancer growth. The average body Ph should be just slightly over 7 (slightly alkaline) and Kombucha, like #applecidervinegar, can help #alkalize and maintain alkalinity within your #GItract.

If I feel a mouth #thrush coming on, I quickly run for my kombucha. It just seems to stop it #yeast infections in its spot. The discomfort reverses and the yeast infection gets no where. And I don’t ever think of it again.

I have been culturing kombucha off and on for the last 7 years and I have nothing but raving reviews of the benefits. As I started up yet another culture over the last few weeks, I felt I needed to share the basics on how to make it and how to make it well.

I have had a few failures over the years that have forced me to start again. I don’t consider myself an expert but I will share what I know. And I will share my basic #recipe complete with explainations.

My recipe is in two parts. The first ferment and the second ferment.

View My Kombucha recipe on my blog at ChoiceVitality.com - http://choicevitality.com/kombucha-learning-to-make-your-own-brew/