Steem is falling today, but is interesting where is beeing mostly traded!

in #korea6 years ago (edited)

Since steem joined to Upbit and Koreans went wild with steem this crypto is much more interesting.

Captura de ecrã 2018-02-21, às 14.18.49.png

And it seams that for steem to grow even faster the best and fastest way would be for steem to join others Korean exchanges like Bithumb! I hope that this happens soon :)

If that happens I think that in a couple of months steem will be the dominant social network in Korea!

Next should be Japan...

Miguel Portela


I was planning to buy some Steem in the weekend both as investment and to power up my steem power. So I don’t mind that the market pulls back a little bit. Oke I know: selfish.
Lets take exchange by exchange and country by country.
A too rapid growth can also be problematic!

Yah if this grows to fast will be also a problem because it will lead to a shortage of new steempower being created...

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looks like your wish is granted, Steem and SBD now on GOPAX another korean exchange :)