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RE: 스티밋 에서 하이브로 Just got into HIVE ^^

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The image you posted is the primary source of value for your post or you have posted an image in a curated and/or artistic tag (photography, art, etc.) without attribution or source. By doing so you are claiming to be the sole content creator and that the image is original to yourself.

Plagiarism is the copying & pasting of others work without giving credit to the original author or artist. This includes manually reproducing the work of others, which violates their intellectual property rights.

Repeated plagiarism is considered fraud. Fraud is discouraged by the community and may result in the account being Blacklisted.

If you believe this comment is in error, please contact us in #appeals in Discord.


"without attribution or source?" I put bing image as a source at the bottom. Is this how hive welcomes with false accuse? You made me feel so unwelcome. I will power down and get out of Hive ^^ bye...

'Bing' is not a source.

If you see a murder outside your window and call the police, what do you say when they ask where the murder is happening?
Saying 'Bing' as the source is like telling the police 'my window' for where the murder is.

Great ^^ bye HIVE... Thanks for the welcome...

I apologize if it seemed unfriendly. I tried to explain why it's still plagiarism.

Try to see from other perspective... there are networks of accounts that regularly post stolen content, trying to use their own stake to extract value from rewards pool and lure unsuspecting Hivers to supporting their stolen content.

Always they pretend to be unaware, not to know that stealing is wrong, or that failure to source is stealing. Usually deeper research reveals their connection to known groups of abusive accounts.

So you can see why groups oriented around dealing with massive abuse on a large scale may sometimes get an actual new person and not be very sympathetic to "I did not know how to identify source correctly".

You didn't explaining anything... Just unfair analogy without proper guide. Look at Gungho down below. He said, "When you do "image resource" You have to do like this.[Image](link of image)
If you don't, a bot will come. Don't power down. Just use [○] brackets And then (link). Simple. Sorry you got a bot." This is call guiding or helping.. Your Murder analogy is TOO much ^^ "If you see a murder ?" How could you compare this to a MURDER ^^ I have MA degrees in USA & I know what the plagiarism is.. That's why people LEAVING steemit, & That's why I am.. I'm sure people will go away from HIVE also... You really need to think about why with great systems HIVE & Steemit have, but people LEAVING or not GROWING. I better not waste my time here arguing.. bye...

How did you get MA degrees in the USA without learning that bing, google, and wikipedia are not valid sources?

Thanks for the MOCKING ^^ Now I see your true intentions. SUCH a racist.. For 2 years I didn't have any problems in steemit. I thought HIVE was the same. HIVE will not survive without respecting others.. This is the proper guide that you & your HIVE friends did not provide. Lead gungho below, "When you do "image resource"
You have to do like this.
[Image](link of image)
If you don't, a bot will come.
Don't power down. Just use [○] brackets
And then (link).
Simple. Sorry you got a bot.
기분을 너무 나쁘지 마세요..."
When I graduated bing, google, and wikipedia did not exist... How narrow mined you are... Someday or soon others will found out who you are, and you will pay for everything through out your life... In your writing, you reveal yourself. This will how you treat your spouses, your children, your friends & families.. They will feel the same as I am...