KuCoin Hits its 1st IEO for MultiVAC Project ensuing Native Token pumped-upHigher

in #kucoin4 years ago (edited)


Native tokens of Major cryptocurrency exchanges square measure moving the side graph of Coinmarketcap following their interest in trending IEO idea. one among such token is KuCoin shares from KuCoin exchange that gains higher worthwhen hosting the primary project on Spotlight (The name of KuCoin’s IEO). At the instant, the KCS token has gained fifteen.17 p.c over the past twenty fourhours.

While Bittrex Suddenly Cancels its 1st IEO of RAID project, KuCoin took a leap with its Spotlight for a project called MultiVAC. Reportedly, the project is that the 1st of its kind that hosted on KuCoin Spotlight platform. Interested users should hold KCS token and participate in MultiVAC Spotlight/ Initial Exchange giving – increasing interest in KuCoin’s 1stSpotlight is probably going the robustreason that influenced KSC’s market cap.



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