Introduction to Kyros Ventures: Explore Crypto in Vietnam!


About @kyrosventures
With a deep understanding of users’ habits and experience gained from forming the 4 largest Vietnamese crypto communities, Kyros Ventures is confident to be the bridge leading international investors into Vietnam - the potential land of blockchain. Our priority is to not only expand blockchain awareness to blockchain beginners but also aggregate mass adoption towards mainstream users. At Kyros, we provide our clients with exclusive services including a full media kit on, original content packages & community management. Kyros is also built to be the trend-catcher, making sure our clients’ projects are always integrated appropriately into the latest crypto direction.

Development at Kyros Ventures
Within the last 4 months, Kyros has invested in and promoted more than 20 crypto-projects, from big names such as Chromia, Utrust and Polkastater to new ICOs such as APY Finance, Hedget, Upbots, AllianceBlock, Royale Finance, etc.

Stay tuned for our updates on new projects to come!

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Absolutely there is a huge amount of people especially in other parts of the world that really take blockchain seriously.

Some places of the world to rate of exchange is so significant that even small votes here are actually worth reasonable amounts of money.

Here is a vote and hopefully more people in this world will start seeing the phenomenal power of blockchain technology.

Welcome to HIVE!

You've found a wonderful community and technology. I run a frontend for wrapping webapps and serving them with hive. You can build tokens and businesses here. I hope you're all as impressed here as I am.

Welcome to Hive! We are excited to see what direction everything will go for you! Community is a major factor over here and we're more than happy to welcome you to ours 😎

Welcome Hive. What's your office's favourite Cà Phê?

Great to have you guys onboard. has good usage and traffic coming from Vietnam countries. Looking forward to see and read more about what you are doing. 🙌

This sounds amazing! Best of luck with your project and I look forward to see how it develops here on Hive. Oh, and welcome to the community! 😊

Welcome to Hive! 3Speak offers video hosting on Hive and we are about to expand in a big way. We look forward to seeing you around the chain and hope you have an amazing time here! We are here if you need anything.

Welcome to Hive 🎆

Glad to have you here on hive!
Our project Actifit rewards users for living healthier and being active, allowing automated tracking of their fitness activities and receiving rewards in AFIT, HIVE, and many other tokens.