Meetup - LatAm Bitcon Starts Today

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We used to meet at a Starbucks to discuss the dream of Bitcoin hitting $1,000 but today it's more like McCormick Place!

Whenever one of these events is announced, I have many people contact me asking if I'm going. Of course, I put it on my calendar and time goes by my life gets busy.


I found out about this one two months ago and I went to buy tickets while they were half price. When I got there, it said they accept Bitcoin and that's what I selected. I get in there and I go to copy the address and it's only lightning network type of Bitcoin that they accepted. Everyone has their preferences and I am a Bitcoin purist if you call me a Bitcoin person. I'm not much for side chain and layer two solutions when it comes to crypto.

Now the event is here at the end of the day yesterday, I ran to buy two tickets and sent the link for other types of payments to the friend that's going with me. He's learning right now. I canceled everything on my schedule because I cannot let one of these go by without attending!

Now that it's here and I'll be leaving for the event in the next 15 minutes, I regret not having contacted all of the hundreds of people that I brought into crypto so that they could experience it too but that's the way life is. You get busy and then something creeps up on you. All I can do now is hope that one or many or all of them have seen the ads for this event that I meet them there.
Event is 2 days long from 8:00 a.m. today until 6:00 p.m. tonight and tomorrow all day from 8:00 a.m. until midnight I believe but I won't be able to stay that long unless my son buys a ticket and after work tomorrow.
It is being held at a huge convention center right near the water here in Buenos Aires just a couple blocks from Aeroparque airport in Buenos Aires.


If you want to attend you can still get tickets for $10 at

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Hello dear friend @sponge-bob good morning
How great that you can attend this great event, you will surely meet many Hive friends who will be there.

I had planned to travel to Buenos Aires to attend this event, but due to health problems and medical studies that I am undergoing, I cannot attend.

Enjoy it very much, greetings to all the hivers who will be there