Misa De Gallo: Day 1

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One of the reasons I am having a holiday today was that, I wanted to attend misa de gallo in the Philippines.

It is a traditional early morning mass that starts on December 16 every year to commemorate the birth of Jesus Christ. It had been a tradition in my country to attend the mass. In my town alone, the fanfare of the tradition is very palpable that masses were even held in small barangays( suburbs if you're in Australia).

This is how my first day went: I woke up around 2:30 am- local time. I am still struggling to adjust to the Philippine time zone. Everyone, as expected are still fast asleep. I am sharing a room with mum( I used to sleep on the same room as a child but on different bed).

I decided to read the rest of my story in my kindle as I thought its too early to wake them up. It was a mistake. Mum wanted to take a shower and do a bunch of stuffs. Instead of going to the parish church, we ended up going to another church owned and managed by a catholic school in our place. We were so late!

Right when the mass is about to start, I started having flu like symptoms and discovered that I am allergic to the incense smoke( I hope its not because I had been possessed and the evil spirit in me is reacting!)

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I wonder how things would have been if it was during the COVID era. They might have done this to me.

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Anyway, a part from me attempting to stifle my coughs and sneezes, everything else went well.

Mum decided to buy some bread and we went home to have brekkie. I had a very uneventful meal and now, I am sitting on bed deciding if I should just go back to bed or do my stuffs.

Probably this.

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My body had just spoken.