LOH CONTEST - Getting Joshua a Power Wheelchair

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All thanks to God Almighty for the journey of a year that is folding up in few days, it is a great privilege to be among the living. It is another season of celebrating Christmas an event where people show love by visiting, buying gift and wining and dining.

This write up is on the second question of this week contest which is on getting a gift to someone who will not be able to transfer the gift to anyone else. What will be the gift and why? (In summary)

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There is this particular boy that just got admission into the school I teach, he is Joshua by name, tall, handsome, calm but couldn't walk by himself. He needs the support of people to do things. This promising child have been in this pain since junior school and now in senior school. Because of his condition, he resumed late yet he is part of the people leading in the class.
From the conversation I heard with his dad, he wasn't born that way, he was diagnosed of a spinal cord disease which they have been nursing for years. Seeing his father the day he was assisting the boy moved me to tears. I had to hide in a class to prevent him from seeing me.
The family has been supportive to the boy emotionally likewise his classmates. Anytime I see him I see a great basketball player because of his height. Despite his condition he looks happy everyday in school.
Joshua will be the best person to give a Christmas gift to and the gift on my mind is a power wheelchair that can move without the assistance of anyone. He has been a burden for long on the family, his younger brother has to wait with him till evening when everyone has left before their bike man comes to take him home. He resumes very early because he doesn't like people watching the way he will be carried like a baby into the class and leaves when everyone has left.
He is always on a spot all through the school hours and sends his classmates on errands. Gifting him a Power wheelchair will enabled him move from one place to another, reduce being a burden on others, It will also boost his happiness, and contribute to his wellbeing.
The condition of this boy has been a pain in my heart since resumption, the family couldn't afford three square meal, the father has spent seriously on his case and I could only pray for a miracle. The boy needs surgical operation to be able to walk again but lack of financial support has limited the family. I wish I could sponsor his surgery but since I couldn't I think the best gift to assist him is getting him a power wheelchair.



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An electric wheelchair is a gift that can change a life in a very positive way. Hugs 🤗

Yes, you are right and I believe it will help him in a great way. Thanks for stopping by.