Fake Ledger Mail, Caution! Spear phishing attack

in #ledger3 years ago

So yesterday I received a really well crafted spear phishing attack. They even knew my email address as ledger got hacked and emails of former customers were obtained.

The attackers tried to convince me to believe they are Ledger first and second to download an update.
This is already where your alarm signs should go on, because ledger.com would say to just update it within the app itself!


The first thing you should do with EVERY MAIL is to check the email address of the sender. In this case it was @ledger.de.

Also I did not download anything on my real pc but a totally different device to look at the page for you. Never click on untrustworthy links. This is a well made fake ledger page...but you can also see the "l" is not a normal letter but has a / on top.


Stay safe!


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