Action Will Cause Reaction

in #leo2 months ago

I have been busy for two weeks. My business grows up. I have more new customers. In the last 3 months, my business looked bad because I did not advertise actively.

Today, I tried direct advertising with a piece of paper. I hold the paper on the side of the street. Riders and drivers will see me standing on the side of the street with a piece of paper for my product. Some of the riders stop and ask what's in the box.

I tell the customers that they are traditional mung bean porridge that I pack in mambo ice plastic. My customers enjoy my product because they return to buy my ice mambos when they ride on the street.

My sales increase after I take an action. Direct advertising by displaying a small poster has a good effect on marketing. I do not know the theory of the marketing system. What I know is that my action increases the volume of sales.

Standing for hours on the side of the street is tiring, but all is paid off with the sales. Now, I am busy today because I produce more sticks in the evening. I hope, my sales will increase in the coming weeks because my products are more popular with my customers in my area.



Credit: ninjamike
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