Know Your Value

in #leo2 months ago

This is a good video on how we should know our value and be in the right place.
There are many people who live in the wrong place, so their skills are not appropriate. It is not easy to be a right man in the right place.

The first thing, I personally do not recognize our worth, then I do not have a chance to stay in the right place. That is a problem in life.

If a person can recognize the worth of himself in the early stages of his career, he will begin to succeed.Can you imagine someone with an entrepreneurial personality working under pressure in the workplace?
It is a challenge for education institutions to help their students find their value and create networks to help the students achieve career opportunities.

Unfortunately, many educational institutions place a premium on paper-based curriculum.They do not create networks for their students' future career paths or fields of work.Students should struggle with themselves to find their strengths and places of work that suit their skills. Have you discovered your worth and are you in the right place?