Da pamp?

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I see a lot of people calling for the bull market to start, but I'm not so convinced this is happening just yet. Why? Well, because nothing much has happened, and if we follow the boom bust cycles, if we zoom out, so to speak, it's a bit early still.

tiny bull?

At any rate, I for one, I'm not going to do much here. Yes, it's nice to see some green in the markets, and it sure feels good to look at giant green candles in just minutes, but the volume that should say "this is it" is simply not there yet.

Of course nobody knows what the hell is happening and at this point in time, my opinion is just an opinion in a sea of people that have been on this space for enough time to know: nobody knows shit.

But, if I had to give my educated guess here, I would say that we will dip back to 29 in a few more days, and the hype will quiet down again, maybe until the next year begins. But hey... I could be wrong, and this is one of those situations that If I'm wrong, I'll be super glad to be so.



A little hype goes a long way. No doubt some people will profit from this round. I don't have any BTC anyway 😃

alts always follow btc my friend

Until they don't :)

Blasphemy good ser!

Get ready to have your socks knocked off sucka!

but the volume that should say "this is it" is simply not there yet.

It's funny that low volume is the reason many are citing as to why we haven't kicked into high gear yet. That's exactly why number is going to continue to go up: nobody is selling and the market needs more BTC, but the exchanges have none. Yep, volume is low, which is exactly why price needs to go much higher to incentivize sellers and shorters to jump into the market. Don't be surprised if spot price goes x2 next month. Runs like this last for 2-3 weeks minimum.

I want to believe you brother! ha!

remember that the ball is round

Those bulls can come out of nowhere :)

like i said, i would love to be wrong