Aqualis 2023 Roadmap

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Hi Aqualiens, although 2022 has been a productive year for Aqualis, it is now time to focus on the future. Here is a summary of our plans:


Long term followers of the project may have noticed some key dates have been pushed back from our original roadmap constructed back at the start of 2022. Unfortunately, we may have been a bit too optimistic regarding the market, and due to the bearing trend we have opted to switch from an accelerated launch to survival mode. This ensures the protocol has enough funding to reach the launch date without relying on outside contributions by reducing overheads, at the cost of development speed.


Pre-Token Sale
This is an extension of the whitelist sale using any unsold tokens, scheduled to commence in mid January and will remain open indefinitely, or until all tokens are sold out. There will be a total of 796k AQL tokens for sale at a price of $0.09, thus a total of approximately $72k USDC will be raised if successful. These funds will are allocated to the operations budget, which is used for marketing, auditing, and all other expenses including but not limited to server and developer costs.

Completion of all Smart Contracts
Aqualis expects all our smart contracts to be complete by mid to late Q1, subject to any bugs found. At this stage, we are confident our lending protocol will be completed in January, which leaves the MALP integration and staking reward smart contracts for February and March.

Secret Project #1
This is a small scale project the team is currently discussing internally. If successful, this will likely bring a small amount of exposure to Aqualis along with our first source of revenue generation!


Frontend Completion and Public Testing
Upon completion of the smart contracts (Q1) and frontend (Q1 or early Q2), the team will open up our site to be tested by the community on the Goerli testnet. In fact, we have already created faucets for our test tokens!

AQL tokens will be rewarded for any contribution, from quality of life suggestions that are implemented, to protocol breaking bugs found in the smart contract. Of course, larger contributions will earn larger AQL bounties and a table of rewards will be announced prior to testing start.

Smart Contract Audits
Audits from reputable blockchain firms will be conducted after the initial public testing. By this stage, we are hoping to have raised a sizable amount from the pre-token sale, which will be closed at this point if any tokens are still remaining. Funds from the pre-token sale will predominantly go towards auditing, and a further marketing push towards the start of launch.

Aqualis Launch!
Once the audits come back successfully, Aqualis will finally be ready for launch! Prior to launch we will establish a full marketing schedule and various partnerships. After this, the remainder of Q2 will be used to focus on monitoring and optimizing the performance of the MALP and lending protocol.

Secret Project #2
This project will be announced at launch. We believe this is quite a revolutionary use of existing technology and will give Aqualis an edge above the existing competition.


Further Monitoring and Optimization
At this stage, Aqualis plans to dedicate the majority of Q3 simply monitoring the health of the protocol and adjusting any protocol parameters (with DAO approval) if required, specifically the asset multi-utilization algorithm powering the MALP. Once the team and community feel confident about the state of Aqualis, the team will move onto cross-chain integration

Flash Loans
Flash loan services will be enabled in Q4.


MALP Cross-Chain Integration
Cross-chain integration starting in late Q3/early Q4 will be the next major step for Aqualis. This includes first deploying our smart contracts on other EVM compatible chains, then expanding AQL tokens to operate on these chains. This is expected to be complete by the end of 2023.

Next, we will aim to commence cross chain services such as asset bridging, cross-chain loans using cross-chain collateral and cross chain trading using the MALP. These developments will take us well into 2024.

2024 and Onwards

Beyond working on our core products, Aqualis plans to launch several side projects funded by the DAO that aims to expand the Aqualis ecosystem, reaching a wider audience across the broader blockchain industry. Some of the new products/features considered are below:

  • Aqualis Academy, to onboard new users into the cryptosphere and specifically how Aqualis fits into any user's journey
  • Aqualis Gaming, a gaming studio focusing on blockchain integration in gaming
  • Aqualis Institutional, providing tailored solutions to institutions utilizing Aqualis' technology
  • Aqualis Launchpad, aimed at incubating and funding promising development in blockchain
  • Aqualis Foundation, a not-for-profit wing aimed at delivering permanent and life changing assistance to communities in developing countries

Although the projects listed above are simply ideas at this stage, we want to show the community the overall direction the team would like to take the Aqualis protocol. By the time Aqualis is ready to make these projects a reality, the DAO will likely be fully operational, thus funding for these projects will ultimately be decided by the DAO.

If you got this far, thanks for reading and we hope you stay tuned as we smash through our 2023 targets!

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I really hope I can buy up some presale tokens. Lately my budget has been quite strict.

Hi @tsnaks, we understand many users' budgets may be strict at the moment during this post holiday period which is why we will keep the sale open for at least a month, unless tokens run out earlier. If unfortunately you miss out on tokens or get less than you were hoping for, our public sale is expected to be open around late Q2

Dear @aqualis.dao,
Our previous proposal expired end of December and the Hivebuzz project is not funded anymore. May we ask you to review and support our new proposal (
Thank you for your help!