Aqualis April Recap

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Hi Aqualiens, as we are approaching the halfway point of Q2, Aqualis has shifted our focus to partnerships, marketing, and developing new features not previously disclosed on our roadmap.

Table of Contents

  • Marketing/Partnerships
  • Development Progress
  • Exploring New Features
  • (Another) Seed Sale Update
  • Splinterlands Update


Aqualis is currently in talks with a number of centralized exchanges in regards to listing our token at launch, possibly utilizing their IEO platform(s) for our pre-token and public sale; and any potential marketing opportunities. Once we figure out the nitty gritty contractual terms, we can announce who they are.

Furthermore, Aqualis plans to shift towards a much larger focus on marketing in late Q2 as we prepare for our launch in Q3. We may also move our token launch and staking contract forward towards early Q3 before our main launch of the entire protocol, currently planned for late Q3.

Development Progress

Due to the complexities of forking Aave v3, especially with custom integrations with our own proprietary MALP smart contract, we are facing some slight setbacks with our frontend. To ensure we are back on track as soon as possible, we are currently in the process of hiring a temporary team extension.

In addition to this, we have recently been moving our test environment from the Goerli testnet to Sepolia, this was fully completed in early May and we will now resume full testing of the protocol. The only major piece of testing that remains is the lending. The major functions of staking have been tested with an in-depth test in progress. The MALP has been fully tested in depth already.

Exploring New Features

To ensure we keep developing while our frontend gets developed, Aqualis has been exploring new features that may be deployable in the short term, giving us a revenue stream potentially by the end of Q2. This includes a trustless transactions platform on BSC and a commercialized custom vesting/locking smart contract, allowing teams to create and execute their own vesting schedules without any development effort. Although products similar to these are already on the market, we have added additional features not yet available.

However, please note that these projects are currently in the idea generation phase which may or may not come into fruition, thus they have not been added onto our roadmap yet.

(Another) Seed Sale Update

The first time we planned a seed sale: the Luna Tera crash happened, the next time we had a whitelist sale: the FTX crash happened, a couple months ago we shifted efforts back into the seed sale: and USDC depegged. Fingers crossed this time that no more "black swan" events will happen!

To prepare for the seed sale, Aqualis has created a pitch, pitch deck, one-pager and CRM of over 500 individuals and companies who have historically bought crypto and/or contributed in early stage start-ups in this space.


Aqualis has placed first in all four of our most recent tier three brawls, steadily stayed within top 25 to 35 in ranked and continued to give out multiple Arkemis Bears, CL packs and DECs as incentive for our community to continue building.

Aqualis has also sponsored a (controversisal) Splinterlands proposal that aims to add a consistent source of revenue for the Splinterlands DAO by increasing market fees.

Closing Remarks

As we are getting closer to our internal deadlines, the pressure is on. To ensure these deadlines can be met, we are hiring additional resources and putting an emphasis on our frontend. Lastly, as we are approaching our launch in the upcoming months, the team will gradually shift our attention back onto marketing.

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