Aqualis August Recap

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Hey Aqualiens, here is a quick update on what's been happening in August at Aqualis! We've recently launched the Aqualis Market (2.8% cashback on all Splinterlands NFT purchases), made some exciting developments on our smart contracts, and fine-tuned our protocol treasury. Plus, we're in the midst of meeting with VCs and angels for our seed round.

Table of Contents

  • Development progress
  • Splinterlands marketplace performance
  • Seed sale progress
  • Splinterlands guild update
  • Treasury Report
  • Closing remarks

Development Progress

As we approach the final stages of our internal smart contract testing and implementation, we're thrilled to share that we have put together a public launch checklist, gearing up for our exciting beta testing phase (live release on testnet)! While we understand that development may have taken a bit longer than originally expected, we're absolutely confident in our well-defined launch plan, and we're eagerly looking forward to rolling out our beta testing in Q3.

Splinterlands Marketplace Performance


In just its inaugural month, the Aqualis Market has achieved remarkable results, facilitating transactions exceeding 21 million DECs in value, equivalent to a staggering $16,000 USD in volume based on the current DEC price. This accomplishment has contributed over $200 USD in protocol revenue, which has been injected into the DEC/SPS liquidity pool.

Looking ahead, we anticipate continued growth in our market presence in the coming months. To achieve this, we have an array of exciting promotional initiatives in the pipeline, including trading competitions, sponsored tournaments, and additional banner ads like this one. Our revenue will continue to strengthen the DEC/SPS liquidity pool for the foreseeable future.

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Seed Sale Progress

The Aqualis seed sale remains ongoing as we engage in discussions with potential angels, VC firms and DAOs. In light of the current market conditions, we have recently taken the decision to remove the previously stipulated $50,000 minimum requirement for angels. We recognize that the prevailing market conditions are presenting challenges, and this modification aims to ensure we do not price out prospective contributors.

Splinterlands Guild Update

With the addition of two new members, we are quite steadily a top 15 guild now with several top 3 finishes in our most recent tier 4 brawls.

Furthermore, the Aqualis DAO Splinterlands account has now achieved over 30k staked SPS!

Treasury Report

For further transparency, periodic snapshots of the Aqualis protocol treasury has been included in the monthly reports, a further breakdown of funds can be found here.


Note: this does not include any AQL tokens owned by the protocol

Personal Thoughts

The journey of the Aqualis DAO has spanned over 18 months, and I must say, I'm overflowing with pride when I reflect on our remarkable progress. Throughout this time, we've encountered challenges like slower than expected development and unfavorable market conditions during every funding round. However, what truly sets us apart is our unwavering commitment to our vision. Against all odds, we've achieved something truly extraordinary - we've continued to push forward, hitting milestones, and all without relying on a single cent from external contributors.

During this period, we have developed:

  • our core proprietary MALP smart contracts,
  • forked and integrated Aave v3,
  • built our own custom staking and vesting solutions,
  • integrated lending and staking rewards,
  • developed a custom decentralized OTC trading and escrow protocol,
  • and lastly launched our own Splinterlands NFT marketplace!

Despite these tangible accomplishments the DAO has developed, I find the greatest value in the connections forged on this journey – be it our esteemed professional partners, invaluable advisors, or the vibrant community that surrounds us. I'm optimistic about Aqualis' current standing, and I believe a final marketing push before our launch will bring substantial benefits. Let's see what Q3 can bring for us!

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