Aqualis February Recap

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Hi Aqualiens, throughout February we have been focused on making sure our pre-token sale goes smoothly, making major marketing moves, establishing contacts and forming partnerships. Furthermore, we have continued testing our smart contracts, laying out the groundwork for the finishing touches and redesigning our staking contract.

Table of Contents

  • Smart contract progress
  • Marketing progress
  • Pre-token sale launch date
  • Splinterlands update
  • Closing remarks

Smart Contract Progress


As of late January, all of our major smart contracts have been completed. We are still in the internal testing phase along with integrating all these smart contracts into the frontend. Along the way, we have discovered some incompatibilities between our existing smart contracts and the new ones developed recently, thus previous ones have been redeployed.

We have also discovered an issue with our current implementation for staking which requires a new staking smart contract with new staking logic. An update will be published separately to highlight the changes.
With all this in consideration, we are still on track to launch in Q3, pending audits timeframes.

Marketing Progress

Recently, we have hired a new community manager to ensure our socials remain active. Chris, better known as Jron, is an an experienced entrepreneur and blockchain enthusiast with a proven track record of building successful traditional startups and utilizing those skills to excel in the cryptocurrency and NFT space.

Jron's deep understanding of blockchain technology, passion for the industry, and extensive experience in community building, partnerships, and sales makes him an invaluable asset to any organization and very intresting to work with.

Lastly, he has been involved in the marketing and growth of several meme tokens from the very beginning, including SafeMoon and ElonGate, which achieved $17 billion and $600 million peak market caps respectively. Despite this, Jron ultimately left these projects as he noticed flaws in the team and management early on. We hope he has found his forever home here at Aqualis, and we are excited to have Jron on board with us to help with marketing, engagement and partnerships!

Pre-Token Sale Launch Date

Due to technical issues with our service provider, our pre-token sale and marketing push has been delayed. In the meantime, we have established connections with several large launchpads in preparation for our public sale. More information on this will be presented as it becomes available.

Splinterlands Update


Since our last update, the Aqualis guild has been consistently placing top 3 in brawls with a 100% brawl fill rate. Despite dropping slightly in guild rank recently, we are still well in the top 100.

Furthermore, we have seen a drastic improvement in brawl performance since our Arkemis giveaways for our top performers!

Closing Remarks

Despite some unforeseen issues with our smart contracts, delays by our service provider, and more volatile markets, the Aqualis team builds on!

We will endeavor to bring more regular updates on Discord and Twitter as well. To make sure you don't miss out on anything, follow us on the links below!

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