Aqualis July Recap

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Throughout July Aqualis has continued to focus on smart contract testing, seed funding and establishing strategic partnerships. We have also completed the acquisition of a Splinterlands NFT marketplace which has become the first live product for Aqualis!

Table of Contents

  • Development progress
  • Splinterlands NFT marketplace
  • Smart contract auditing
  • Strategic Partnership with Terablock
  • Seed sale progress
  • Splinterlands guild update
  • Treasury Report
  • Closing remarks

Development Progress

Development has currently taken a backseat while we continue to test our existing smart contracts. The next step is finalizing our OTC and vesting smart contracts, begin testing on staking and deposit reward smart contracts (that control the AQL emission rates) and finally test the entire suite of products together, which we plan to open to the public!

Splinterlands NFT Marketplace


We have recently completed the acquisition of a Splinterlands NFT marketplace which currently operates as the first live product of Aqualis! Although we do not expect this to be a massive revenue generator for the protocol, we do believe this will further legitimize the Aqualis brand, draw more users onto our socials and thus continue to build and maintain our community.

The marketplace features the current perks:

  • 70% fee rebate on all purchases
  • 100% of all revenue earned by Aqualis Market will be retained in the Splinterlands ecosystem until further notice

For more information on the marketplace, please have a read of this article.

For more information on how this project fits within the wider Aqualis ecosystem, please have a read of the NFT Marketplace page on our Docs.

Major marketing moves are planned following this acquisition, more information can be found in our Discord.

Smart Contract Auditing


Aqualis has recently signed with Haslock, Australia's leading blockchain security and smart contract auditing firm to perform our first round of audits. We are excited to announce Hashlock has also agreed to partner with us to promote our security conscious approach which we believe will help elevate the Aqualis name, particularly within the Australian web3 community.

Strategic Partnership with Terablock


Aqualis has also secured a strategic partnership with Terablock, a well-regarded bridging service, DeFi tool and crypto investing platform. Once we are live, Aqualis will work towards utilizing both their cross-chain bridging and fiat to crypto services.

In the meantime, the Terablock team have been adding value into the Aqualis project as general advisors. We will continue to work with Terablock as we approach our launch period.

Seed Sale Progress

The team has been hard at work setting up meetings with various VCs and DAOs to fund our seed round. Although we have not yet received a firm commitment, we are still awaiting a final decision from multiple entities. We will keep the community updated if our seed round gets filled prior to our next monthly update.

Splinterlands Guild Update

Over the past month, we have achieved a consistent top 20 rank, a top 3 finish in tier 4 brawls and welcomed many new faces into the guild!
With the Aqualis Market launching, we are hoping for a larger footprint in the Splinterlands ecosystem as asset prices improve and higher human engagement is expected as anti-bot measures begin to kick in.

Treasury Report

For further transparency, periodic snapshots of the Aqualis protocol treasury has been included in the monthly reports, a further breakdown of funds can be found here.

Note: this does not include any AQL tokens owned by the protocol


Closing Remarks

July has been an exciting month for Aqualis with multiple VC meetings, launching our first live product and establishing two strategic partnerships. However, as a consequence smart contract testing has definitely endured a bit of a delay and thus August will be dedicated to catching up on testing and launching our beta for community testing as soon as possible.

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