Aqualis March Recap

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Greetings Aqualiens, and welcome to another monthly update! In the month of March, we announced our Aqualis Token staking upgrades, worked on getting our pre-token sale ready and continued development on our smart contracts. Furthermore, with the markets moving in a favorable direction, Aqualis is now re-exploring funding opportunities.

Lastly, we would like to apologize for this recap being released much later than usual, all updates are up to date as of the date of this post.

Table of Contents

  • Development updates
  • Pre-token sale… wen??
  • The Surfer Investor article
  • Change from ETH to BSC on Launch
  • Closing Remarks

Development Updates

We are excited to announce that our new upgraded staking and rewards smart contract is now ready and deployed on the Sepolia testnet, weeks ahead of schedule! This will undergo internal testing over the next week then integrated into our frontend.

Despite our lending smart contract being complete, there have been some issues integrating it into our frontend. We are currently investigating if the issues originate from the frontend integration or the smart contract itself. Once this has been fixed, we will be very close to releasing a full MVP for public testing!

Pre-token Sale… Wen??

Since our launchpad service providers became non-operation, we have taken a step back from rushing into another sale. Due to this, we have decided to personally contribute more into the operations budget. These contributions come at no additional allocation to the founders or cost from the protocol.

Due to this, we no longer need as much funding but we understand there were many members of the community who were looking forward to contributing to the protocol and getting their Aqualis Tokens. To make sure our early community members can contribute, we are now once again in talks with multiple launchpads to host our pre-token sale.

The Surfer Investor Article

Recently, Aqualis has been featured in an article by the Surfer Investor, check it out here! This AMA style article goes in-depth about the founding of Aqualis, what we do and our vision.

Change From ETH to BSC on Launch

As discussed on Discord, we are now planning to launch our core protocol on BSC initially instead of ETH. This is due to the rising gas costs which is exacerbated by the rise in ETH price. Using data from Ultrasound.Money, the fiat value of gas is now close to 5 times more on average than it was half a year ago!

Please note our core AQL token will still be deployed on ETH and bridged to other chains as required, meaning all burn, vesting and DAO information will be on ETH. However, staking will be done on every chain with a MALP so users can earn rewards on every chain. Please note that the rewards will differ between chains based on protocol revenue, thus it is advised users think carefully which chain they choose to stake on. However, only BSC will be operational from launch.

Splinterlands Update

The guild has been advancing greatly recently, now placing in the top 30!


Furthermore, we have consistently placed in the top 3 for every brawl, including a first place in our most recent brawl.


It goes to show a strong community based guild with great incentives really works! We are currently rewarding an Arkemis Bear to anyone who places positive in brawls, and a CL pack for anyone (apart from guild leadership) who finishes with a leaderboard position in champ (modern or wild).

Closing Remarks

It seems Aqualis is finally gaining some traction and the market sentiment has got our back! However, the first time Aqualis started fundraising, the Luna crash happened. After giving it a few months to let the market recover, FTX went down days before our whitelist sale. We are hoping third time lucky but I have got my short positions in just in case we trigger another "once in a lifetime" crash!

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