Aqualis May Recap

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Hi Aqualiens, over the course of May we have seen development for both new and existing products, polishing up the landing page and updating the docs.

Table of Contents

  • Development progress
  • Introduction of new features
  • Upcoming funding rounds
  • Updated docs and main website
  • Splinterlands update

Development Progress

Over the past couple of months, Aqualis has made steady progress on smart contract development but frontend development has taken longer than originally anticipated. However, we are excited to announce the lending smart contracts have finally been integrated to the frontend and is now undergoing the initial internal testing phase.

Here are a few screenshots of the lending markets, which have been forked from Aave v3. Please note colors, styles and much more will be changed prior to live release.

Initial summary page

Repayment page

Individual asset information page

The next step is implementing and testing the MALP integration with the lending protocol, which will likely be the largest piece of testing work in the entire ecosystem. Once this is complete, the platform will be open up for public testing, then an official audit, followed by the mainnet launch.

Introduction of New Features

While we were waiting for progression on the frontend, we did not want to stop developing. Therefore, Aqualis has begun working on peripheral products focusing on blockchain infrastructure that is not directly integrated to the main MALP and trading systems of Aqualis.

These new products include a trustless decentralized escrow service, and vesting as a service platform. Although both of these products already exist in the blockchain space, Aqualis plans to offer unique product features that differentiate us from the competition. More information can be found in the products section of the docs. We will post separate articles for each of these products once they are complete, including a rough release schedule which may end up being sooner than the MALP itself.

Upcoming Funding Rounds

Seed Round
Over the past year, we have had an ongoing seed round that has not been pushed or marketed. Despite this, we currently have one contributor at $50k, and we are looking for a further $750k. Aqualis will begin sending out emails to potential leads in the upcoming weeks as we finalize the infrastructure based products/features and main webpage.

Pre-token Round
This was originally planned for January, but pushed back indefinitely as our launchpad partner had ceased operations. We are now exploring potential centralized platforms such as exchanges to host the pre-token sale instead, including negotiating a long term partnership with the exchange. We will keep the community updated on this once we finalize our partnerships.

Public Round
This is the final round of sales for the Aqualis Token which is currently planned for mid Q3, roughly one month before the main protocol's launch currently planned for late Q3. Aqualis plans to host this across a range of centralized and decentralized platforms, hoping to raise a total of $5million which will all go towards protocol owned liquidity, which will act as trading liquidity for the AQL token and seed liquidity for the native liquidity pools of Aqualis. More details on this will be provided closer to launch.

Updated Docs and Main Website

We have spent considerable time updating the main website and docs pages and we will continue upgrading these in the upcoming weeks. These changes are mainly in preparation for pushing the seed sale and getting ready for public testing for the frontend.


Splinterlands Update

The guild is currently in preparation to upgrade brawls to tier 4, which includes an ongoing recruiting process. Once guild points are implemented by the 12th of June, we plan to undergo significant upgrades including the Guild Hall, Arena and whatever leftover crowns will likely be dedicated to the Store. We will be aiming to breach the top 20 after these upgrades are complete. The Aqualis guild continues to support our players through incentives, rental subsidies and rewards.

The aqualis.dao account has also amassed over 14k SPS, which at current market rates is worth roughly $300 USD, all of which were earned through playing with delegated cards.

We will continue to grow the guild and the aqualis.dao account, aiming to get more eyes on the Aqualis project from the Splinterlands community.

Snapshot of Protocol Balances

For further transparency, we have decided to include a monthly snapshot of the Aqualis protocol balances, a further breakdown can be found here.


Closing Remarks

The excitement is certainly tangible at Aqualis as we are geting closer to launch and all the pieces seemingly coming together now. Although there is still lots of work ahead of us, it is worthwhile taking some time to appreciate what we have accomplished so far! Thanks to everyone who has been with us along the way.

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