Aqualis October Summary

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Hello Aqualiens! The past month has been a period of focused development for the team, with exciting progress being made behind the scenes.

Tables of Contents

  • Development update
  • Pre-token sale progress
  • Seed sale progress
  • Splinterlands market performance
  • Splinterlands guild update
  • Treasury report
  • Closing remarks

Development Update

October has been a month of intensive development for Aqualis, marked by significant changes in our protocol's operation. While these changes don't directly impact end-users, they have enhanced the efficiency and transparency of our systems, making it easier for our auditors to review.

Our progress has been facilitated by a talented independent code reviewer who has worked closely with our development team, ensuring that we meet the highest industry standards.

Our ultimate goal is to transform our current Poc into an audit ready MVP as quickly as possible. This transition will maximize the value of our forthcoming audit by Hashlock, a leading blockchain auditing firm in Australia.

Pre-Token Sale Progress

Since the launch of our pre-token sale, we've successfully sold approximately 4.6% of the total allocation, equivalent to around 37,152 tokens, providing us with a funding total of approximately $3,700.

While this sale continues, we intend to set a deadline in the near future as we prepare for our upcoming public sale, currently projected for January 2024 (though this date is subject to change).

As we move forward, we plan to intensify our marketing efforts and raise awareness about the ongoing pre-token sale, with these efforts set to kick off in November.

More info on how to get involved here!

Seed Sale Progress

With our team now fully dedicated to development, the seed sale efforts have certainly taken a bit of a back seat. At the same time, it's worth noting that our financial resources currently provide us with the capacity to see the development through. Nevertheless, it's important to emphasize that the extent of seed funding we secure will directly influence the level of excellence we can attain for our initial launch.

Therefore, we plan to go back to fundraising mode in November and start strategizing our fund usage for the following couple months.

Splinterlands Market Performance

Thanks to the ongoing support and purchases from our users, we're excited to announce that we have exceeded $1,000 USD in protocol revenue since our launch. This translates to an average daily revenue of $12.05!


This is also with minimal marketing efforts after our initial marketing push.

Splinterlands Guild Update

It's been a challenging month in brawls for us, with two finishes in the bottom half. However, we have steadily stayed within the top 20

Furthermore, please be aware that this will be the last monthly update on the Splinterlands guild as there are rarely any major updates to announce. To stay current with all our latest information, we encourage you to join our Discord community!

Treasury Report

Full report

Closing Remarks

Looking forward, although we expect there to be a lot more hard work and development required before we can launch, we are optimistic we are finally on the correct path with the help of our new independent code reviewer. We are eagerly anticipating a smooth path ahead without any more setbacks or delays!

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