Launching Aqualis Market: a 70% Cashback Splinterlands Marketplace

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Aqualis DAO is excited to announce we have just completed the acquisition of Layer2labs' Splinterlands market! With this acquisition, Aqualis DAO will now be in full control of the cashback percentage and earn all revenue from the market.


The Aqualis Market is currently offering a promotional fee rebate of 70%, giving users a 2.8% cashback on all purchases made via the Aqualis Market. At this stage we only support cards, but we plan to expand into the non-card market and land deeds in the future!

How Aqualis Market Supports Splinterlands

By using the Aqualis Market, you are also supporting the Splinterlands economy as 100% of revenue earned via the marketplace will stay within the Splinterlands ecosystem until further notice.

Currently, we plan to pair the DECs earned via the marketplace with SPS we earn through SPS staking, LP and ranked rewards we earn. We may occasionally sell DEC into SPS if we require additional SPS to pair the liquidity but the value will still remain entirely within the Splinterlands ecosystem.

However, please note we cannot guarantee this will remain in effect forever as a DAO vote may change these operations. We will ensure adequate notice is given in the event of any changes.

Future Plans

Aqualis DAO plans to invest further to improve the Aqualis Market experience in the following order:

  • Additional filters/QoL updates
  • Support for non-card market and land deeds
  • Bids
  • Rentals
  • SPS Delegations

However, please note these improvements are currently low priority tasks as we work on our core products' mainnet launch.

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