Update on Aqualis Market Trading Competition with 100k SPS Delegation + 9 CL Pack Prizes

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Hi Aqualiens, we are a week into our trading competition and we only have 2 active registrations in our Discord!! If you would like to be eligible for a prize, please ensure you register in Discord, more information below.

On top of the trading rewards, don't forget Aqualis Market is the only market to offer 70% fee rebate when you purchase using the Aqualis Market frontend, that's a 2.8% cashback on every purchase!


It's simple, have the highest trading volume using the Aqualis Market. All volume between launch and the 20th of August 23:59 UTC will count towards the competition!

We will provide periodic updates to the leaderboard via Discord.


  • First prize: 5 CL packs + 50k SPS delegation for a week
  • Second prize: 3 CL packs + 25k SPS delegation for a week
  • Third prize: 1 CL pack + 25k SPS delegation for a week


  • You MUST register your participation via Discord before the competition ends
  • For more information on registration, please visit the #Splinterlands channel
  • Do not violate any Splinterlands Terms and Conditions
  • Delegation can be split between a maximum of two accounts

How does Aqualis Support Splinterlands?

By using the Aqualis Market, you are also supporting the Splinterlands ecosystem as 100% of revenue will remain within the ecosystem until further notice. Please read this article for more information.

Furthermore, the Aqualis DAO has already dedicated considerable resources to building the Aqualis.io guild and supporting our guild members through free cards, DECs and CL packs.

Aqualis plans to continue building our footprint in the Splinterlands ecosystem, while simultaneously working on our core products to revolutionize capital efficiency in DeFi!

Current Leaderboard


For More Information

Join our Discord
Follow our Twitter
Visit Aqualis.io
Read our docs


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