Winner of the 20k DECs Aqualis Market Giveaway

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The winner to this giveaway will be decided by the hash of the transaction of this post.

The last 2 characters of this hash will be taken, converted from hexadecimal into a decimal and divided by the total number of comments. The remainder of this number will be the winner, starting with the first comment being 0. If the winner is eligible, for example did not post their favorite card or commented after the 5 day period, we will choose restart the process with 1 less comment.

This may seem rather complicated, but it ensures a fair and transparent way to determine the winner, assuming the hashes are random and cannot be manipulated by Aqualis!

A comment will be posted below with the winner and calculations.

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During the calculations, I figured that people who are on the bottom of the list are less likely to win. To reduce the effect of this, we will instead use the last 5 digits of the hash.

Transaction hash: 50ce30b693663a1107b443072c91adc7819bb746
bb746 from hexadecimal into decimal: 767814
767814 modulo 55: 14
15th comment is by @oudekrijger
Confirmed tweet has been retweeted and within timeframe, congrats!
20,000 DECs have been sent your way (link)


We would love if the community could verify if roseval is also the 15th comment on your screen, if it's different on everyone's screen then we will need a new method of picking winners in the future!

thanks and tipped

Congrats and thanks!