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RE: The Case For $100 HIVE

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The sad thing is, even with Hive at $100 there will still be those people who can't wrap their heads around it or think it is all a hoax. They are going to be left high and dry. It makes me a little sad, but in the end, it is their own fault.

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That is true. The old saying can lead a horse to water...

The potential is enormous as is always the case with disruption. That is what Cathy Wood was showing. However, their focus upon Ethereum, while sensible, overlooks the power of Hive.

We can do $40 billion if Ethereum has a market cap of $20 trillion.

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I think they are still banking on ETH 2.0 coming out some time soon. I am starting to wonder if we will ever see PoS ETH! :)

They will get there but how much of the issue does it clear up. And even Vitalik is saying there still is a lot more to add to it. They will only be 60% complete.

How long until the next upgrade? Another 3-4 years?

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It wouldn’t be in today’s spending power at $100.00
It would be inflated dollar value a few years from now. Still far higher than today’s real spending value price indeed. I just think people are missing it will be like two boats meeting in the night. The dollar value will drop a lot after it’s no longer the reserve currency by 2030 or so. Hive will increase in real terms but also move up due to currency crisis that will hit all fiat. This I believe to be true.