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RE: Will 3Speak Bring Out A Token

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I've never been a fan of video content. I honestly don't watch it that much and I am too much of a chicken to ever create any of my own. I think it is good that we have this option though. There are likely going to be more and more things added to Hive that I will not use but others will and it will just increase our traffic.

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Billions of hours on YouTube shows there is a market for it though even if it isnt your flavor.

And the Millennials seems to live on there.

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3speak will need a big revamp once they get the "backend" in order, if they manage to find a way to reward viewers without the possibility for abuse/bot/clickfarming it would be a big win, engagement rewarding is already quite built in on layer1.

Certainly some major technical challenges to say the least. However, if it can be pulled off, it would be amazing.

We will see what their plans are. They appear driven with the desire to make what they are creating very powerful.

For now, we can just speculate as to what will unfold.

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Yeah, no doubt! and I am totally okay with that. Like I said, anything that brings more people in is good!

True. We will see how much outreach there is in the future.

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