Company Health Policy is Not Reliable

in #leofinance4 months ago

Last week one of my friend went to the surgery and in the same time we was laid off from his company and thus he was in a peculiar situation. First he was without a job as well as he did not had his individual health insurance. This he was freaked out and was really stressed.


When we asked his his decision on not taking the a health policy other than company, he said that he has a stable job and didn't even thought that he would be laid off. That's the story of most of the folks out there. They think company's health insurance is more than enough to cover their medical insurance. But the truth is there is too much ifs and buts in the insurance clause and the biggest one is that the insurance will lapse the day you leave the organisation.

So having an own health policy is very important and person should not rely on the company's health insurance policy. Yeah when you have to take the refund you can always take the office one and safeguard yours but when you don't have the office one then having yours is very important. My friend have learned the hard way but I ask everyone to have their individual health policy which will help them in their future.

The medical expenses are shooting up like anything and having an insurance policy is very important and very much required in our day to day life. You can start having a small sum to start with but you should eventually have a good health insurance coverage to safeguard your family.

So yeah if you have your company health insurance which is very good. But if you do not have yours along with it they take it as soon as possible because you might need it anytime.


I agree and this why a personal health insurance plan is necessary. Having both is good idea but one is not sufficient