Indian Market at All Time High

in #leofinance4 months ago

Both Indian Sensex and Nifty 50 is at All Time High. If you see the sensex, it is very near to 70K mark and hopefully in coming days it will touch that too.


I had few shares which is giving me 3x to 5x returns. Since I don't invest much in stocks the amount of money in that is not huge. But my Mutual fund portfolio is doing very good were the XIRR is touching around 14% which is again good to be honest. I am saying 14% is good because, I have actually conservative portfolio where it has 20% in debt fund so even if the market goes down my funds will have that precaution.

Now coming back to the Indian Market, what should be the strategy now. For me, I am actually selling some of my investments basically 60% to be honest to take profit from some of the shares which has risen a lot. In that way I am securing yhe profit and if it goes down in coming days then I can buy it again. For mutual fund, I am actually not doing anything other than continuing my SIP.

I have also the ETF Strategy running which is giving around 7% to 8% returns for some the ETF and thus hopefully after this bull run my XIRR for that would be close to 15% and will improve in the future too. So for me the basic thing to do now is to reap the profit because if you don't reap the profit on time then later you might not get the chance itself.

For example, 2 of my shares has risen a lot but out of greed didn't took the profit and now sitting at 30% loss. But again that is only 5% of my portfolio, which actually doesn't bothers me much. So for me strategy is simple, to sell some of the stocks at a high now to book some profit and then buy it later.