Triple your money in just 1 month

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I know people might call me scammed if I say that there exists some method where you can triple your money in just 1 month. But this is true, now people might say that I have to invest in very risky asset to get triple my money. Not entirely true.

I am talking about an IPO which was launched 1 month back, where the launch price was 32 and today the price of its is Rs 102. More than 3 times the launch price. It's none other than IREDA which is a government owned company whose share price at the time of launch was Rs 32 and when it launched it was around 50. But today the price is Rs 102.


People who have not got it at the time of IPO, I'd they would have bought it at the launch price, there money would be doubled in less than 1 month. I am just recollection an old phase of a great comedy movie, "21 days main paisa double", double the money in 21 days. I think same thing happened here too.

In my case, I have not got the IPO and just for testing purpose bought some shares to see if I can get 6% profit or not, just like my ETF shop. Little would I know that my liutle amount is 70% up and now I am regretting of not putting more money into it.

Still, I feel the price is undervalued and hopefully the correct share price would be around Rs 120 to Rs 150. But I am not a financial advisor. It is purely my opinion, and I will be keeping this share till it goes beyond Rs 120. And then I will think about selling or not.

This is some of reasons why I like IPOs because in that you might be able to get some great shares at very cheap and might be someday they can become multi bagger. I would not be surprised if this stock can give 100% returns from now in 1 year or so.


Well done bhai sahab. Government assets are a different asset class to crypto of course.

Personally I am currently day trading and can double my trading portfolio value in a month. It's only possible for me in bull markets like the current one.

It is a good option for long term prospective ...

Yay! 🤗
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