Experience In Blockchain Africa Summit (Ghana)

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My experience in Ghana during the Blockchain Africa Summit was superb and u/nano was fully represented. Entered the country on Thursday Night 26th October 2023 to prepare for the first day of the summit. The first project I came in contact with at the event was https://noones.com pitching an easy way to buy Bitcoin and connecting people to the App.

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The first day went with only keynote speakers and event sponsors presenting their deliverables, one of the presentations that caught my attention was the one delivered by Prof. Nii Quaynor 76years old, a founder of Ghanadot.com who has pioneered Internet development and expansion throughout Africa for nearly two decades. In his presentation, he revealed the importance of blockchain technology and revealed the stand of the government on it.

He said,

The government likes your technology, but is your money they don't like because it fluctuates.

This statement caught my attention as I am always interested in use cases of any project in which NANO stands out.

You can watch the presentation.....

Day 2 features NANO in a panel section with the topic, How to integrate Blockchain in a Business Model.

The introduction of the topic, I picked from the online shops introduction of payment pathways to connect to people around the world and gave an example of Nano sponsorship of my presence in Ghana through sendnano platform. It was an interesting panel section and after the section, I connected with a lot of University students, business owners, and the Project lead.

Network Captions

  1. PopeBlack, the Secret Africa Lead happens to be a Nigerian.
  2. Precious Light, a crypto enthusiast and he's a Nigerian now relocated to Ghana and will be working with me to make Nano more visible in Ghana.
  3. ChukwuEmeka, POS business man. He's one of the men who exchanged NANO for Ghana Cedi in the University, however, he refused to be captured by the camera...lol....
  4. Group of friends in the University who receive NANO shirts due to their participation in WeNANO Application downloads.

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One of the challenges I experienced as a first-timer in the country was that the country is expensive compared to Lagos, Nigeria. I want to appreciate u/xanza on behalf of the community and the other 3 anonymous who donated to my traveling with Ӿ 698.99 raised of Ӿ 645 goal, would have been stranded though spent beyond Ӿ 698.99 due to the condition I met in the country but for the love of NANO all was sorted and shall keep pushing the project and its use cases worldwide as I have the opportunity.

I want to thank Philip in Ghana the founder of Blockchain Foundation Africa who spread the invitation to this event through Aneena to me, it was really a privilege. Thank you Aneena for your support.

Watch me, as I continue to present NANO as the opportunity comes...... The year is not over yet, there is more to do before 2023 is over! NANO for Africa.

You can reach out to me via Telegram or Discord

Telegram: https://t.me/SamEngr or https://t.me/Engr_Samest

Discord: engrsamest

Email: [email protected]


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