Hi Andrea, why do you have rewards turned off for your videos? I want to simp for you. 😍

themarkymarky hates me and downvotes everything i do so its not worth it to put them on haha

Oh, that sucks. Marky pretends to be a spanfighter while he used to run a vote buying bot on Steem. He's part of our history unfortunately, there's more to it than his financial power.

Anyway, I became a cheapo patronizer instead, a role that suits me. Rock on!

yep, total hypocrite for sure, but until I get a whale to upvote me, there's no point in trying to deal with his rich out of touch ass. Thank you btw!!! Appresh ❤😎✌

Oh that’s who is downvoting u (just went back to look after my last reply on newer post) he did same to me for weeks and zeroed out every post and caused drama. Never would reply when I asked why either. I’d suggest trying without declining again. He did it for a month to me then it randomly stopped. No explanation ever given until a year later. Said he didn’t like how I upvoted.
it’s really fucked. I wonder how many smaller accounts just left after he did so. Anyway like I said I disagree eity ya on a bunch. But that’s no reason to come at someone’s original content value.

update: still doing it 😂😂

yeah, ppl like that ruin the site, but of course he likes less activity and less users because it means more money for him. He's been doing it for almost a year now lmao so I don't know.

So fucked up!

The thing about holding in hbd is that when hive goes up you don't get any of that, but, if you hold while it drops you look like a genius.
I won't be powering down to get in on that.
Hive is too scarce as it is.

yeah, i'm not gonna power down either, i just put some leftover crypto from other things into hbd instead

will HIVE be my new bank?

I would think it pays much better than your present one.

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most certainly haha

If nobody has told you, there is an airdrop going on.
You should be able to claim the tokens.

I've been claiming 'em, thank you!

Wish there wasn’t a time limit so short though. People holding long term should have access longer. Unless I misunderstood. I’m sure lots of people find out late.

Hey do you know if this project is centralized? Or is it decentralized?

Currently centralized to the people coding it.
When it launches it will be decentralized.
Theycallmedan is the one to keep up with, it's his baby.

Sweet👍 Will follow it