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Authored by @Edward Earner


Ya'll like games? I like games but instead of hosting the same game every week, i am gonna do it Eddie Earner style and make which game we play a game. That's right, I have thought up 6 easy games that we can play and each week a random number selector will pick one for us to pay. The winner takes 3 EDS tokens which is a HIVE income for life. Prizes will increase as post earnings increase. Let's jump right me, no kissing and see what the games are.

Eddie's 6 games of chance


1 - Guess next weeks HIVE price Play by leaving a comment below with your guess to 4 decimal places. Eg - $0.1643 per HIVE. Guesses made on and before Tuesday will be included only. The winner is whoever guesses the closest the actual HIVE price on Wednesday at midnight UK time.

2 - MEME theme lotto Play by posting a meme to whatever the theme is. eg, defi madness - Post a defi meme. The winner will be selected using a random number generator with the top comment being number 1 and moving downwards.

3 - Guess how many - To play, you have to comment with a number guess of how many you think there our. Eg, a jar of M&M's, how many is in the jar?. The winner will be the guess that is closest to the actual number.

4 - Closest to a trillion - To play, please comment with any number between 0 and 1 trillion. A number will be selected randomly and whoever guesses the closest wins. FYI, your inputting a number that is 12 numbers like 987 billion, 654 million, 321 thousand and 987.

5 - How many people? - Guess the total world population. Using this website as a reference, the closest guess to the actual number on Wednesday at midnight UK time is the winner. Please put your guess in the comments below and guesses made on and before Tuesday will be included only.

6 - Flash Crush - In this game, players are trying to predict which crypto from the top 100 ranked on coinmarketcap will have the biggest weekly decline by Wednesday midnight UK time. Guesses made on and before Tuesday will be included only. The winner is whoever guesses the crypto that has had the biggest decline that week.


1 - "Guess the price of HIVE for next week"

It could not be easier my friends, all you have have to do to play along in this weeks game is follow the instructions above and wait for next weeks game to see if you have won are not. If you follow my account @eddie-earner, you will see all my posts in your feed and never miss out on another Eddie Earner cartoon are game again. Go right now and follow my account, I'll even wait for you to come back...........


Ok, you followed me? right? I knew you were awesome!

This weeks winner from last weeks post

We are about to give away 5 EDS tokens to the lucky winner. Play every week for a chance to win. I can't believe so many people played and showed but sadly we can only have 1 winner. Drum roll, please...


well done to @thegoliath

with the answer of .133 ad HIVE today being the price of $0.134, pretty damn close and welldone.

The Prize

Each week, I will give away 3 EDS tokens to the winner. Tokens will bee sent to the winner within an hour of this post being uploaded. Nice and simple just like me


What are EDS tokens?

Well, let me tell you. They are inflation-proof HIVE income tokens that pays out 12% of my powered up HIVE. So you see as the account grows and makes earning from leasing HP and producing cartoon and games posts, the account grows. Everything is converted into HP, all token sales, all post payouts and all tribe token. My goal is to increase your HIVE income by at least 10% per year but I think I can do better.


For full details about Eddie Earner and his EDS token.

Please visit my introduction post

Please use the comments for asking questions

Thank you for taking the time the view this post and reaching the bottom. Game posts are released weekly every Thursay. To stay up to date, go to my main Profile by clicking @eddie-earner and clicking on the "follow" tab.


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  • EDS tokens are now available - Just search EDS on hive-engine. Priced at 1.01 HIVE each. Only 20,000 available

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0.122 $



By the way, I might not win EDS but I just bought some more.

Keep building the cache and getting weekly rewards.

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Thanks and hooray for a win!

My prediction is 0.145.

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Awesome, nice to see other adding value to our great community. Also great token idea. Wish I'd have thought of it. Keep up the wonderful content and thanks!

think I missed the game. Oh well.


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I just bought some of the tokens and I feel that you are really going to hit it big soon. . also about the game. How can I be part of it?. Is it just to guess the price of hive..

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