EDSvote update #26 | 6 months since launch! | We're destroying the game!

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Welcome all to this week's EDSvote update where we look at a range of different things. Please follow the @eddie-earner account to make sure all our reports are going into your feed and you can easily stay updated on your investment.


What is EDSvote?
Eds-vote is an account that people can delegate HIVE POWER to. In return for their delegation, they will receive EDS tokens each Monday.

The delegated HP will be used to curate content on HIVE and provide small upvotes for those that hold over 100 EDS tokens. Delegating HIVE POWER to @eds-vote will not result in an upvote. This is not a delegation to upvote service. It is a way to distribute the remaining reallocated EDS into circulation.

What are EDS tokens?
EDS tokens are HIVE income tokens that are pegged and backed to 1 HIVE each. They pay out weekly dividends every Monday based on 12% of the total powered-up HIVE balance of the @eddie-earner account. This is currently paying out an APY to token holders of roughly 35%.

How does it work?



For full details, please see How EDSvote works and How EDSvote affects the EDS APY long over the next 25 years


Report #26

Here is the first half year for eds-vote. To be honest, it's doing alot better than I thought it would do so im super happy.


Let's have a look at the numbers in chart form as this is the best way to see performance and predict the future.


6 months in and we have 86.7k as of today being delegated in. If you asked me 6 months back, i would have been happy with half of that so for it to be this high so soon is amazing and the fact that it increases a little every week is the cherry on the cake. 100k, here we come!


The APY took a dip this week but still came up at over 8% so we're still winning. I have just worked out the average curation APY for the past 6 months and I've checked it 3 times because it is exactly 8% and that dont happen often when the average is exactly the same APY as we aim to make. It's 8.00005% but I rounded it up, lol. We can call that a dub.


When the APY is down, the HP we earn is down as well. Lets see what we've aimed in total so far. Ok, so it's 2860.70 HP. Cool stuff and we've powered down and transferred to @eddie-earner 1150 HP. If we are currently powering down 100 HP per week and the plan is to up that to 150 next cycle, we can expect the next 6 months to be much better, more than double easy.


And the knock-on effect continues because when we earn less HP, we mint and issue less EDS. Its not the end of the world, we still minted 66 new EDS, only 4 less than last week. Over the past 6 months, we've been able to mint and issue 1450.72 EDS tokens. At the current mintage assuming no HP growth, we'll issue over 1800 in the next 6 months. If you delegate around 8.6k HP, you would get one for every day 😘



It has been an amazing journey so far at 6 months old and I believe @eds-vote will continue to grow from strength to strength. More people are becoming aware of EDS and they seem to like its HIVE income APY of over 28%. With eds-vote being the way to get EDS without having to overpay for EDS or EDS miners, infact not really having to pay at all, just borrow some HP for a while. Put it to a good cause and get a few EDS for your efforts.

Releasing at an estimated APY of 4%, I knew eds-vote would never be a 500k beast but I also knew that the ones that did delegate understood EDS and understand that stacking it up little by little each week would pay off massively in the future in the form of HIVE income payments.

We see the price of EDS tokens selling at over 50% of its peg for the 6-9 months already while the EDS APY has been declining. Now think about this. What do you think EDS price will do when the EDS APY starts to increase? 🚀🚀🚀

4% is not great but the EDS delegators to @eds-vote get are issued at the value of 1 HIVE each. You will never get under 1 HIVE when selling an EDS token. This is something not many tokens can make a claim to. Look, there are 45k EDS tokens and 106k HP, the project is so overfunded. Some people see that and respect that EDS is a long gameplay. They see the value in the project and can see the future vision.

Anyways, to wrap up. Thank you to everyone who supports eds-vote by either delegating or rehiving updates to fresh eyes. Let's hope when we come to 1 complete year, we have crossed to 100k HP mark again.


Thank you for taking the time to read through this
If you have any questions are would like to leave some feedback, please do so below and I'll get back to you at some point soon.


Great update - it's definitely heading in the right direction !

One thing I've wondered (but been far too lazy to work out) is how the earnings from a delegation to @eds-vote compares to the earnings of just holding HP and curating every day.

As far as I can work out, the @eds-vote earnings would be made up of;

  • HP interest on the delegated HP
  • periodic curation votes from @eds-vote (not guaranteed I know, but definitely much appreciated when they happen !)
  • the value of EDS issued - probably best considered at actual resale value not 1 HIVE per EDS
  • the HIVE earned by those EDS
  • Anything else I've missed out !

What all that adds up to, I have no idea as so much of it depends on something that comes before !

But just in case, I've just increased my delegation by 50 HP (not huge, but it all helps 😀)

I think the APY is somewhere around 9%:
3% inflation
4% EDS x 1.5 HIVE sales value = 6%
In the short term this is still lower than 3% plus 8% curation but without any work and with the potential to increase exponentially.

few hundred HIVE on new delegations a week is fantastic!
great job!
I keep buying EDS at 1.5 and i dont feel like i'm overpaying them, one day they will be worth a lot more, plus 25% div a year lowers the cost massively
Just got to 3rd EDS holder! so happy ^^
my end year goal of 3650 is so close, i just have to buy 100-200 more and print the rest
Ambicryto, next year i will take your seat! sorry boss

Thats a crazy amount of Eds brother :D

Yeah it took a full year to stack them
I see a lot of future for EDS
so simple project and yet so strong

16 Hive per week from Eds alone! Thats crazy :D

Thats what everybody is dreaming about! :D

EDS is awesome no doubt :D

EDS will be a 500K beast, just not yet. My estimate is 3 years.

We will land a few more big delegation in the future still. Watch it keep growing.



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If you delegate around 8.6k HP, you would get one for every day 😘

365 a year? 😍