EDSvote update #33 | Delegate HP and Mint EDS! | Backed HIVE Income tokens

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Welcome all to this week's EDSvote update where we look at a range of different things. Please follow the @eddie-earner account to make sure all our reports are going into your feed and you can easily stay updated on your investment.


What is EDSvote?
Eds-vote is an account that people can delegate HIVE POWER to. In return for their delegation, they will receive EDS tokens each Monday.

The delegated HP will be used to curate content on HIVE and provide small upvotes for those that hold over 100 EDS tokens. Delegating HIVE POWER to @eds-vote will not result in an upvote. This is not a delegation to upvote service. It is a way to distribute the remaining reallocated EDS into circulation.

What are EDS tokens?
EDS tokens are HIVE income tokens that are pegged and backed to 1 HIVE each. They pay out weekly dividends every Monday based on 12% of the total powered-up HIVE balance of the @eddie-earner account. This is currently paying out an APY to token holders of roughly 35%.

How does it work?



For full details, please see How EDSvote works and How EDSvote affects the EDS APY long over the next 25 years


Report #33



Let's have a look at the numbers in chart form as this is the best way to see performance and predict the future.


Delegations in this week are up 400 HP which is cool. Growth is growth and up and always good. We've had this 30k delegation for longer than last time already so the owner might recall any day. Either way looks like we will finish the year with over 100k being delegated in so we've hit our target.


I pulled back the VP the 2 past 2 weeks to build it back up into the 90%+. This results in a dip in curation APY and this weeks we got 7.65 APY which is still ok.


Curation APY took a dip because the APY went down on the same amount of HP. As long as we are over 200, im more than happy for as long as it lasts.


108 EDS were minted this week by @eds-vote. We mint less this week compared to the past few weeks and this is because of the lower APY explained above. We're still minting over 100 which is important because this means we are earning over 200 HP meaning we'll beable to start a 200 HIVE per week powerdown in around 9 more weeks.



Missed last week, I fell asleep at my desk and woke up too late. I fall asleep at my desk 2-3 times a week but I normally get my work done when i wake up.

Anyways, not been much change from last week to this week, with a small increase in delegated in HP. Things are ticking over nicely and at this time of the year, people are busy. When it comes to Next month, the start of the new year normally brings setting goals and we might see a small boost in delegations as people set targets to hit during 2024.

In a nutshell, its been a solid week.


Thank you for taking the time to read through this
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Good to see delegations holding up. Would love to see 150k HP for the year end 😅.
200 HP power down a week, coming soon, yay! 😍

Awesome. Looking forward to the 200 HP power down each week.

I had to quit falling asleep at my desk. My neck started hurting too bad. HA

But we can fall asleep and still get gains while we are asleep with EDS = winner !

somebody delegate 540 Hive so we can get the picture with 150K :)