making bank on Steem with Hive...

in #leofinance6 months ago

I am really happy today with the HIVE rally.

A few days ago I changed 1500 Steem on Bittrex to HIVE

The weeks before I had been powering down but I had been putting my Steem in BTC and a bit of HIVE as well I will admit.

But then HIVE dumped and Steem stayed around 0.15 cents.
That was my chance and I took my 1500 Steem and turned them into 2000 HIVE.


Now HIVE has been killing it and I made a nice profit on paper. I still want to keep a bit on the exchange then power back up my liquid HIVE later but I am really happy with my decision to have faith in our community and that that will reflect in price in the long run.

So in the end more hive for me that is worth more money...

happy days

anyone else take advantage of the situation??


I bought some at the low. I’m now holding out for after the PD. Dunno whose buying at this crazy price right now!?

no idea, but hey, we are there to take advantage

Same. Bought 10K more HIVE at 0.09. Just powered all of it up last night.

Kinda wishing I kept some liquid to sell at this possible local high to buy back lower later though.

ye, I am keeping it liquid right now to take advantage of possible opportunities

It's going down again, but long term I am sure HIVE will be above STEEM.