Brimstone, fire, and not much to hire - Hive Layer 2 adventures

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I just participated in my 2nd LPUD (Leo Power Up Day) this year, with an amount that was close enough to my predicted target - 472 instead of 500. I am very pleased, as I was calculating how much I can do monthly (around 250 LEO) and then I just doubled up, for some extra challenge. Who knows, maybe I even reach that magic number next month. We will find out in March. I have my own 26196 LEO delegated to @meowcurator, and 1003 HIVE to @leo.voter. I plan to keep doing it every month, for the rest of the year. LEO has enough potential to make me buy some more, regularly.


I had a fun day today, with the communications looking like they were under attack, no internet, no signal on the phone, and when it was working, was going up and down faster than a cryptocurrency on the launching day. This was lasting for a while, all the way up to 5'o clock. Then, slowly, the websites started to load, and even Netflix was working. I put on a film, The American, with George Clooney, as I did not have enough patience to deal with the Internet going up and down. Now it seems to work, so I hope I can have a game of Leagues of Legends and go to rest, as I feel a bit under the water, but I will rise again, like a Phoenix.

Checked Splinterlands, and we got a new active proposal - Offer Land "Starter Packages" for Sale by Burning DEC / DEC-B#23, and you can check here for more information. Seems an interesting one, starting a building for only 10K DEC-B. The tower defense game is now quite enticing, as I look at their newest roadmap, and it seems that the beta launch is getting closer. Not only that, but an interesting proposal was also done in Genesis League, to make it longer for the pack airdrop rewards, and I am saying yes to it if they make it happen until June or July, as there is more GLX for me to sell to get my Hive back (the ones that I used to buy the packs).


The Splinterlands ecosystem seems to be promising this year. All my other passive income sources kind of dwindled (I am talking about staked CUB and MBOX), but I still hope to get something back from BlockFi soon, as it seems that they work on it. Other than that, working on my crypto targets as usual. Hive rewarding tokens are the second priority when I have some extra funds.

Maybe I need to find some hobbies in real life and not be online most of the day. Yeah, sure!

See you tomorrow, when I will try to write the weekly crypto updates, after 2 weeks of break,


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