(the first Hive swag & apparel shop) Is for sale! Business in a box, dirt cheap, must go ASAP!

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Hey Hive!

I am putting my small Hive clothing & apparel dropshipping shop up for sale. I no longer have the time to focus on marketing for it as work is absolutely crazy lately.

We've already made a bunch of sales in the past, and have some really cool designs on the site.

I'm selling the entire business - here's what's included:

Twitter Acct:
Hive Acct:

You'll also be transferred the domain to your own registrar.

Lastly, you'll receive all Vector files that we have for each of the products, as well as a reference to the dropship/fulfillment company we use to dispatch orders.

I'm asking for a very modest amount - $350 or best offer (accepting most cryptocurrencies as payment).

Comment here if interested, or reach out to me via Discord:

Discord: digitalfox#8704


I would buy it but got no money right now.

Perhaps we can work something out. Add me on Discord and we can chat:

Discord: digitalfox#8704

Well that's sad but I hope someone will buy it

I hope so too! Sad, but my time needs to be allocated to higher priority things right now