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Hi hive followers..!!
How are you all. Hope you're all fine. Hi viewers I'm starting blogs on hive about Gold . I really need your support love and courage. In my country the price of Gold is getting lower and higher day by day . Due to which we get to see the new price of gold every day. The price of gold has remained unchanged due to the increase in the value of the dollar . Today I'm sharing one my gold ring designs with you. I bought this ring some day's ago. When I bought this gold it was a little different but today it has increased in price. Thus, with the increase in the price of gold, which is increasing daily, its value has increased even more. In the few days since I bought this gold ring, it has gone up in value by over a hundred dollars.


I liked it just by looking at the colors and the carvings on it are very finely done. The engraving done on this gold ring is done with the help of hands.It has been made with the help of hands after many hours of labor. A lot of attention has been paid to the small engravings done on it. It has been designed with great care and attention. We have to pay close attention to this gold ring to see what it's all about. A 24 carat gold has been used to make this ring. Only gold has been used to make it, no other pearls have been worked on it. In our country, people like such hand-made designs very much, their first attempt is to take hand-made designs, because nowadays many such designs have become easy to make with the help of computers. Handmade designs are a bit pricey but the work is done very well. I hope you like this design and you will encourage me so that I can continue this thing further.


Is this piece expensive? It looks lovely and a nice design.

It's a bit expensive, but the design is very cute. I'm so glad you like this design.

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Hehehe, I could not wear that one!

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You should wear it. if you come to my country.